Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Arab Tv stations blockade " Al Ejtiyah "

Palestine is besieged by the world ,by the Arabs ,by Israel and by Media . Food is unfound. The situation in Palestine is unbearable as its neighbor, Israel still frustrates children of Palestine from milk , bread and medecine.Palestinians are dying and nobody is there to help .Are we becoming sado-mazochists,indifferent and inhumain? Arab regimes also participate also in this kind of weird criminality in the name of staying in power to death ? Blockade carries on through cinema and television especially the majority of Arab TV stations recently refuse to air awarded drama series written by Riad Saif and directed by Chawouki AL Majiri series called « Al Ejtiyah ».

Children of Israel enjoy democracy based on criminality and children of Palestine enjoy culture of death supported unfortunately by the silence of the international community, weakness of Arab regimes and continuous coercion of Israel.Hello,are you listening ?...

Allal El Alaoui

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