Monday, March 10, 2008

Plain talks with Lady Radia Laraki on a cultural project about Rabat-Salé.

Morocco of 2008 and mainly the ministery of culture spearheaded by Touria Jebran may be a good sign for a nation gradually changing for a good management and intelligent openness via plain talks ,word and deed behaviour displayed by lady Radia Laraki .

Interestingly today ,we met with the Touria Jebran's first secretary Radia Laraki ,this lady has eventually given us an atmosphere of exquisite intellect of a cultural responsible whose wide knowledge of communciation is remarkable especially Laraki has shown us through an hour and half, her amazeful concern on our cultural project that will be soon shot around Rabat and Salé suburbs .

" Madina Al Oum "is the official name of this film documentary registered at CCM ,written and directed by Allal El Alaoui with the participation of El Hamoudi Mohammdine as a first assistant-director, is based on techniques of narration and chronoligical montage . Laraki is impressed about this cultural program that tackle anthropologically the social,economical ,cultural and political phenomenas of two millennium towns ; Salé and Rabat suggesting through ambiguity of montage, accellerated and rhymic images to the viewers ,spectators , cinema-goers and responsibles that these towns might be fusioned and put together on one united cultural city like Casablanca ,Paris or New York .

Finally, the subjects will be monographically treated and developped by interviewing artists,professionals and employees especially simple people such as women, old men ,youth and african refugies who are metamorphosing into our society and fighting hardly to survice with dignity .There are also some other interviews that are scheduled with Lady Touria Jabane,Nour-Eddine Sail ,Abdellah Hamoudi and theatre-goers like El Nafali,Abbass Ibrahim and more .
Allal El Alaoui

Née en 1954. Docteur en Mathématiques appliquées de l'Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI et d'un DEA en mathématiques de la décision à Dauphine . Après un passage par l'enseignement , Laraki occupe plusieurs postes en tant que Cadre Supérieur/responsable dans les Directions des Systèmes informatiques (Ministère des Finances et Crédit Agricole ). En 1998, elle rejoint le cabinet du Secrétariat d'état à la poste & aux Technologies de l'information autant que Conseillère , où elle entre autre Coordonnatrice Nationale pour le passage à l'an 2000 et participe à la mise en place de la politique de promotion des TI au Maroc . De retour au crédit Agricole fin 2000, elle occupera plusieurs fonctions de Direction dont notamment le Social , le Marketing et la Communication , la Qualité ainsi que la Déontologie .

in Collaboration with the ministry of culture in Rabat