Monday, March 24, 2008

Mehdi Ben Barka 's Theatre in Rabat schedules a play called Shilia written by Abdelkebir Ben Biche.

Moroccan painters know Ben Biche very well.He used to direct a Tv programme in SNRT called Ibdaa.Theatre-goers also know this talented dramaturge called Ben Biche .His writing is gracious,significant and very humouristic .

As a playright ,Abdelkebir loves to write truthfully about daily problems of his society and now he is scheduling a play on the 26 th of March, a very burning subject that makes so many people scratch their heads especially those who are hiding something in their heads and bellies .It is about deeds and misdeeds of journalists .

Ben Biche is a highly educated playright whose great love goes to drama and theatre . He has been succeful to combine his acting skills and Drama writings.Having worked so many years in television, he has written many radio and tv plays and before leaving Dar El Brihi Abdelkebir resumes his works by depicting the lives of painters into his artistic magazine called Ibdaa.
Allal El Alaoui