Thursday, March 13, 2008

35mm Laboratory at CCM seduces film-makers and cinema-goers

Having a technical tour within CCM laboratory ,it really gives me a sensation to belong to something very special .This loboratory is monitored by young people and contained new technoligical digital motion machines that CCM has recently brought to its offices.

Although i have asked about the disappearance of the Bang-Titre machine that Abderrahim Idrisssi used to master,El Moussaoui states that it is still there but it becomes old -fashioned and useless especially this laboratory combines editing through analogical and digital soft machines .Projects to utilize Final Cut and other soft intelligent edtings are on the way to CCM very soon.

No doubt too many African and European film-makers start to schedule their finishing works in Rabat to cut and scan their movies in this laboratory via telecinema and kinescoping machines.35mm negative pictures remain beautiful and everlasting as far as images are concerned.

Surprisingly,journalists and cinema-goers are curious too about this technological revolution that CCM is using and one of them is Mohammed Elkhaiter,a passionate man of cinema, whom i find sneeking around to know about information on cinematic works and online writings of bloggers like myself .
Allal Alaoui