Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Studying cinema at Moroccan schools is Possible

Sanae and Siham El Alaoui with Aicha Sajid and El Badawi Firstly, what difficulties have you encountered as a female director working in Iran?

Samira Makhmalbaf: We have a lot of limitation in terms of written law and unwritten law. It is in the minds of everybody that a woman cannot be a filmmaker. It's a challenge but this situation is now slowly changing in the minds of the people. When you break a cliché the changes can start and so I now very much hope that we can, as we think about freedom and democracy, produce more women directors. I'm optimistic about the future.


Samira Makhmalbaf

By ALlal EL Alaoui
Now, Studying cinema and theatre Arts at Moroccan schools is inevitable.Too many students find themselves talented at early age ,and this is excactly what happenend to Samira Makhmalbaf when she was too young and of course her father helped her a lot,although they meet up with too many obstacles .

Moroccan students want to study Drama and Theatre Arts at primary schools,but unfortunatly,our Education Minsiter plus now the ovetaking power of an old actress Touria Jabrane,Minsiter of Culture, are doing nothing for this case ,and In stead they might ease up channels and ways so as this educational Strategy might happen.

Drama and cinema become magical tools especially for the 21 century youth who are keen to further their studies in this branch,and one of them is Siham El Alaoui and her mate Lamia Kharbouch who become obsessed with the idea of becoming film directors.Now already a cinemagoer at an early age,Siham wants to go for Drama studies ,but she has to wait up to get her Baccaleaurate to do so .It is a pity to know that, because she thinks she is losing time and talent, and we all feel sorry for this eudcation policy that Morocco is going through .Hello there,Is anybody listening ?

Siham El Alaoui with Habiba

Siham El Alaoui with Naima

Siham El Alaoui with Aziz Mawhoub