Thursday, January 03, 2008

Mike leigh, a film-maker of great imagination of working with actors

By Allal EL Aloui

Mike leigh is a film-maker from England.what fascinates films critics about him is that he and his producer get money to work without presenting scripts .Mike spends his life in theatre in London , working with actors and actresses .He has seen so keen to see films of the 40s , 50s and 50s that he feels the it is time for him to make his own films .No doubt , the man is influenced by the cynic Thatcher era which has great impact namely ton labor forces and coal-mine people in Yorkshire .One of his brilliant films is Naked, Secrets and lies .In these films, mike shows great talent and professionlism in fiming, because he usually directs his actors via improvization and bout a bout style until the director and actors get into final good results.
Allal EL Alaoui