Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Media protests as political escalates on a conspirated silence.

CDT leading figure Khalid Akdi

SNRT employees are manifesting tomorow the 31th of january 2008, because salaries are miserables and too many media technicians and journalists are jobless and deserted in purpuse .Meanwhile , a lot of free-lance compagnies benifit to work on big projects without giving any great satifactions, states CDT official bureau . SNRT still backed by the governement of Abbass El Fassi , cuts considerable amounts of money from the salaries of these employees last month.This decision becomes like a ball of fire that makes controvecy between media people and SNRT bureaucrats in one way, and Unions media guilds and governement officials in the other.
These technicians and journalists, being deceived by their administration, are keenly waiting for an increase in salary,handsome awards in three months and extra-hours to be included in their wages.

By Allal El Alaoui