Monday, January 21, 2008

Kinescopage of 3.4 and 16.9 into cinema via the HDW 750P

The HDW-730/750/750P 1) HD Camcorder combines an HD Color video camera,of which the effective picture elements are 1920 (H) x 1080(V° and which uses 2/3-type Power HAD 2) sendor CCD3) imagers with 2,000,000 picture elements,with an HDCAM portable videocassette recorder.
Is excellent image quality,sensitivity,portability,and dust-and water-proof construction make it ideal as a camcorder for ENG 4) and EFP5) in the same way as the earlier BVW-400A/400AP.
from PDF -electra-tv-

1080 lines resolution x 1920 pixels - 16:9 frame
Dedicated HD cine style T2.1 Canon zoom lenses
25P Progressive or 50i interlaced recording modes (switchable)
Downconverter board for added SD-SDI output and standard definition alongside HD-SDI outputs
Established 1/2" Betacam tape format
3 x 2.2 million pixel FIT CCD’s
Picture cache board records up to 7 seconds loop footage even before the record button is pressed
True time lapse
Menu driven set up with up to 5 parameters of camera look stored on memory stick
(not compatible with HDW F900 camcorder)
Dial in colour temperature control
Incredibly compact and lightweight – only 5.4Kg with viewfinder and battery
Instant playback
Camera rated at 630 asa progressive and interlaced at 1/25th second shutter (360 degrees)
315 asa with shutter set at 1/50th, 180 degree, progressive scan
Latitude around 8 - 10 stops
Tape run 25P = 48 min's, 50i = 46 min's (40 minute tape)