Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The death of Redad Ben Thami Ziani means Cinema live is dead in Morocco

Redad Ben Thami Ziani

By Allal El Alaoui
This is not about Mohammed Ousfour ,the first film-maker in Morocco .But in stead , it is about the first technician of cinema live that the Moroccan public used to follow ever since the days of independence .

His name is Redad Ben Thami Ziani, a lovely sympathetic man whom you would love immediateltly.He is full of sense of humour and he is known of his precise and quick performance when the Machine of cinematography in RTM is out of order.Sadly ,Redad is dead .

Too many RTM managers love and appreciate the work of Redad very well. they know what they are worring about when something happens to national news .Redad,our man is there to help and no problem Redad will handle the situation. Simply Redad saves news reels as we say technically.RTM Ex-Directors like Mehdi benjra ,El Kaitouni, El Idrissi, Nour-eddine Sail ,Maaninou and the Super- Caid of Home office Mohammed El Issari would never forget Redad,although this latter behaved like a big brother and was an unmerciful dictator.

For those directors, Redad was a special thing that happen to them and they continue to respect him until now , unfortunately death has taken the soul of our man and rejects only an image of a werry man,responsible of a big family including his son Mohamed working now in SNRT as a news editor.At cinema service ,his colleagues know that National news and cultural programmes were transcoded cinematographically with care and attention because simply rushes,or cinema dailies were into the hands of men like Redan,Zouini and Essaddik that were diffused successfully via Ezier parabole dish to all parts of Morocco.

Radio Televisions Marocain, a french literary name of SNRT; has produced so many brilliant technicians just like Abdekader Laktae, El Tazi , Ankoud , El Khattabi,Ben shriffa ,Ksaib and many others .Most of them are managing media compagnies,dead or becoming film-directors just Laktae,Ksaib and El Tazi . In the sixtees and seventies, RTM news and programmes were diffused live via 35 mm that means Redad was not allowed to make mistakes in editing or trimming his cinematic cuts , because so many people are watching alive what we know nowadays digital television knowing that there was only one TV channel and that was RTM , technicians like Ismael Zouini , Essaddik and Redad Ben Thami Ziani were the first- aid men and Angel- Guards for the diffused programmes via their great and superb efforts .

Now that Redad Ben Thami Ziani is dead . Cinema live is dead too at least in television,although we hear of HD kinescopage done in SNRT, but it is not like live cinema .However, first thing first as we say, Are we paying hommage to this man,helping his family to face the burden of life or maybe forget this pure soul like we usually do ?. Anyway media responsibles are still alive who can do magical and reconforting things to technicians like simply calling to work or paying attention to jobless and unlucky technicians( Press Union,CDT and Mustapha Ziraoui should move and make suggestions for excamples) , unfortunately there are still too many who are going through very hard times like marginalization and indifference . We must also add that too many brilliant SNRT and CCM technicians ,hidden like birds to die only and die slowly and without dignity under pain and continuous sufference ,knowing that nobody has not yet called their frozen phones . alloo ?

Allal EL Alaoui with Mohamme Ziani,News editor in SNRT and son of Redad

Allal EL Alaoui with Abou Aljoyouch, the news editor in SNRT

Redad paying a visit to SNRT technicians ( Saadia, Youssefi and others )