Saturday, January 05, 2008

David Lean, an epic film director .

By Allal EL ALaoui

David Lean is an epic film-maker who has been successful to depict beautiful scenes and landscapes mingled with plots and stories that reflect humain souls and conditions .He is ,in a way ,a novelist director who keeps looking for books that deal with humain condition trying to find a story to be staged and shot in cinema.
David lean is in love with images and loves to look through camera lenses in order to reveal us something more dramatic and more humain like love,infidility,war and inner conflicting minds .David prefers to film only images without putting too much dialogue ,because he thinks that images can reveal and communicate to tell stories rather dialogues .
We are really amased by his beautiful images either in Laurence of Arabia , Doctor Zhivaco,a passage to India and Ryan's daughter. David Lean is an unforgetable master and epic film-director that Cinema ever knows before.

Allal EL Alaoui

David Lean and his scriptwriter Robert Bolt.