Thursday, January 10, 2008

Comedy within comedy at 2M TV and Ahmed Snoussi is forgotten

Yassine Regragui known as LAKRAE,The pionner of Moroccan comedy in Morocco with Allal El Alaoui

By Allal El Alaoui
Comedia del'Arte is comedia d'Ahmed Snoussi .This is about a persona non grata comedian in Moroccan media .The gouvernement seems to classify Ahmed as a top secret and a dangerous artist.The fear of Ahmed Snoussi by the state intensifies ,ironicaly, the love of the Moroccan people of this man .

Too many journalists and MP spokesman say that he is an honest man ,trying to reveal the truth via his satirical comedy.The only space where Ahmed expresses himself is at universities and abroad .

Too many free associations are still waiting to see Ahmed Snoussi back again in Media .This man refects the Moroccan Intelligentsia and consciousness , fighting for a proud nation free of corrupted politicians, writes a free journalist.
لا للتهميش في اُلا علام السمعي والبصري

لا للتهميش في الاعلام السمعي والبصري

Moroccan comedians debating Comedy IN Media

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