Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cinephilia Between mediocrity and good performance in Morocco

Salem & Souilem by Khalid Ibrahimi , a SNRT production

Abdellah Ferkouss,Allal El Alaoui,Khalid Amrar and Naima ziani ( script-girl )and others working on a TV film called Al Warith produced by SNRT,2005

By Allal EL ALaoui

To judge whether cinema at home has achieved high performance or mediocrity in production making, remains a guestion of controvercy and critiria that is an intellectual phenomenon that must be carry on between cinemagoers, film-directors and namely producers .When we say producers ,we mention CCM and SNRT .Still, people talk of EL Fassi Fihri and El Tazi as independent producers, because they are rich ,but how many films have they produced untill now ?

Ferkous is taking advantage of a fragile,and werry bureacratS either in SNRT and CCM,states a journalist.That is why , actually he is may be the only man who gets money from Television.Some say with black humour that if you are a Marrakshi,just go around national Tv productions , and you will surely get a lot money.No doubt, Abdellah Ferkous is a good actor and can go far away in his performances ,that 's why we see him now on the top of media lists crying out with joy ,because he is simply working and our man has a good influence, says a movie-maker.

However , cinemagoers in Morocco would love to see national producers imposing themselves rather than foreign ones who, some of them backed by Canada and France via french embassy in Rabat .We are facing a cultural clash and that is for sure ,because it is a bout millions and millions of Euros given to film-makers to impose western culture ( see french interests and feench language ) Yes, but what about our culture ?

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Ou va tu ,Mosh? a movie by Hassan Benjalloun

Abdellah Ferkous making media scoop in media ( Taken from Ahdat al Maghribia)

Few people,on the door of 7eme Art home-theatre cinema to see ,ou va tu Moshé ?