Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bloody days shot in cinema in Palestine and North of Irland

By Allal EL Alaoui
Palestine and north of Ireland have shown great resistance in the twentieth century and are still doing so nowadays, to get back their freedom either from Great Britain or from Israel.
Each 30th of January the catholic minority in the north of Ireland commemorates the bloody Sunday dated in 1972 .The people of Ireland manifests by crying out in streets; making films; sound recordings and exposing Tee-Shirts about this event in order to urge the local people and the world to revisit that bloody day in museums.
The same bloody days continues to happen in Palestine making media scoops under the U SA gun machines mastered by Israelis who is hysterically laughing at the Arab political systems rejecting democracy that Israel enjoys fervently thanks to the help of Uncle Sam.Meanwhile, Palestine resists and fights back via throwing stones, cinema by showing to the world that this democracy occurring in Israel is truthful but it is based, unfortunately ,on crime ; massacre and culture of death .

Bloody day- a movie by Paul Greengrass