Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Aicha Sajid gives eternel hope to Moroccan youth through her good acting

Aicha Sajid

By Allal El Alaoui
At the Mohammed Five theatre in Rabat, Theatre-goers were impressed of the brilliant performance that Aicha Sajid had given .She plays a decent woman who defies life in order to raise her child .
Aicha Sajid ,wife of Abderrazzak El Badawi plays in many TV series and theatre plays.She is really admired by so many theatre-goers,cinemagoers and namely playwrights,unfortunately she is yet seen by film -directors.No doubt,Aicha can give more and shape any character in many ways if she has a good text or script .She merits to be called every minute, because simply she is a good actress .Bravo Al Hajja.

Aicha Sajid,her husband Abderrazzak El Badawi and their son Zakaria with Allal El Alaoui