Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mohamoud Frites makes a serious controvercy about media in Morocco

Freedom of Speech :

لا للتهميش في الاعلام السمعي والبصري

By Allal El Alaoui

We,cinemagoers in Morooco find the idea of publishing a new magazine called MarocArts, that deals with artists and cinema in Morocco in general,a very fascinating gesture from Frites.

MarocArts has a beautiful goal for cinephiles and Moroccans who feel thrown away or rejected ,states Sifeddine Dounia, the publisher of the magazine.The main topics of this magazine are meant to stand by those who don 't have yet the chance to work in cinema, Theatre , or else .Apparently,there are too many people who intrude this field of mysterious Arts or become quickly artists (see the magical tool : copy and paste ) because they are lucky to have a telephone call from HACA,PDG,or a well known familly cast like a Fassy,or a Rbaty... ( see the hiarchy of politics in Morooco )

Mohamoud frites keeps to impress the national media in Morooco which is really busy to give only full support to foreigners and write about their intimacy of life ,unfortunately the press forgets to highlight lives of our native ones.

From this context, i, Allal El Alaoui, am in total agreement with what Mohamoud Frites is doing especially we still see our Media , gouverned by either a secret lobby,ignorant responsables or unmerciful authority which keeps to lurk in the affair of true artists and film-makers.Therefore, i have written to Frites an email saying to him ;because there are too many international lectures of my blog ( Allal-cinemagoers) i would like to just translate his 16 Frites questions concerning Media here in Morooco , hopefully to find any serious listeners which is a matter of
pure consciousness , otherwise thanks to Bill Gates,the prophet of information ( the Internet ) to communicate this article around the world.

Reading out these Frites questions memorises me of those pure bureacracts who would hate you so much because they don't want you to work for this country;may be it is out of their malicious jealousy or nasty machiavilism. I really find these questions truthful ,because there are too many persona-non grata,( Hot headed artists as the media responsibles would call them ) in their genre of Arts who would tell you how badly are being marginalized and abondoned by either CCM lecture commissions ,or sado-mazochistic mentalities in SNRT which carries on rejecting to produce good works and from also 2M Soriad stubborn and cold indifference mastermind towards true Artists.
Allal El Alaoui

لا للتهميش في الاعلام السمعي والبصري

Questions That Mohamoud Frites is still asking to The Moroccan media :

1 -Why does not Morocco have various and free TV channels ?
2-Why don't we have celebrities and stars in Morocco ?
3-Why are not our cinematic productions being seen abroad ?
4-Why are CDs and DVDs hacked in Morocco ?
5-Why are home-theatres still close in Morocco?
6-Why are national and international productions still being hacked in Morocco before being seen ?
7-Why do we fund ( give money ) to bad movies and ignore the good ones ?
8-Why does CCM( Moroccan National Cinema ) give full support to bad directors ?
9-Why do losers speahead or lead media in Morocco ?
10- Why can't we find film schools that teach direction of photography, sound-design and Film - direction ?
11- Why has Morocco become a studio to foreigners that allow hetefully to make muslim and Arab dignity in a badly state , and in stead we continue to neglect Moroccan film -directors and technicians ?
12- Why don't we have an artistic tribunal to listen to those who suffer from indifference and marginalization in regard to their scripts ?
13-Why do we give access to juries who don't understand drama and artistic works ?
14-Why don't we have a public-award in cinema ?
15-Why do we praise foreign artists and hate ours ?
16-Why can't we see Moroccan stars in local TV channels ?

Questions by Mohamoud Frites
Translated by Allal El Alaoui