Monday, May 28, 2007

Flora Martinez, an emerging star to mega-star

From the book of Jorge Franco,Rosario Tijeras which has been put into moving pictures by Emillio Maillé,Flora Martinez amases the world of her brilliant performance of a viollent, murderous girl who does not combine between pain of love and death.Flora was so much convincing in her acting that it gave a social realist picture of a Latin American country,Colombia already swallowed by murder, drugs and impossible love .( allal el alaoui)


Attended Actors Conservatory, Elaine Aitken, in New York (1998-1999).
Flora Martinez is a Colombian actress who began her career in television in her native country starting out in soap operas such as "María Bonita" (1995). She has worked in the theater in the staging of “Heart,” by Daniel Berardi. Martinez is best-known in the film industry for having worked in movies such as "Rosario Tijeras” (based on the book by the writer Jorge Franco), "Violet is not Dead", directed by Harold Trompetero, and "Soplo de Vida," by the Colombian Luis Ospina. For her portrayal in “Soplo de Vida,” she won the award of Best Actress in the Film Festival of Biarritz in France (1995). Flora Martínez studied preformance in the Actor’s Conservatory in New York, as well as in the Escuela Alfonzo Ortiz and in Actuemos Prodiccion, in Colombia.


This is one of the Colombian authors I would like to pass the torch to.” -Gabriel Garcîa Mårquez

Winner of the 2000 Dashiell Hammett Prize

A simultaneous Seven Stories Press/Siete Cuentos Editorial publication

“An important addition to literature in the Latin American social realist tradition, and the author’s fluid and vibrant prose will surely capture readers of all backgrounds.” —Carmen Opsina, Cr’t’cas

“Undeniably powerful.” —Timothy Peters, San Francisco Chronicle

“Impassioned and colorful.” —Publishers Weekly

“An intense, raw portrait of l’amour fou.” —Kirkus Reviews

"Since they shot her at point-blank range while she was being kissed, she confused the pain of love with that of death." Rosario Tijeras is the violent, violated character at the center of Jorge Franco's study of contrasts, set in self-destructing 1980s Medellín. Her very name-evoking the rosary, and scissors-bespeaks her conflict as a woman who becomes a contract killer to insulate herself from the random violence of the streets. Then she is shot, gravely wounded, and the circle of contradiction is closed.

From the corridors of the hospital where Rosario is fighting for her life, Antonio, the narrator, waits to learn if she will recover. Through him, we reconstruct the friendship between the two, her love story with Emilio, and her life as a hitwoman.

Rosario Tijeras has been recognized as an admirable continuation of a literary subject that was first treated by Gabriel García Márquez and then by Fernando Vallejo. A work in the Latin American social realist tradition, the story of Rosario Tijeras is told in fast and vibrant prose, and poetic flourish.

Born in Medellín, Colombia, in 1962, JORGE FRANCO studied film at the London International Film School and Literature at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá. He began his career as a writer in 1991 and was awarded the Pedro Gómez Valderrama National Narrative prize for a collection of short stories entitled Maldito Amor. His first novel, Mala Noche, won the Ciudad de Pereira National Novel Competition.

His latest book is Paraíso Travel. Franco is considered one of the youngest writers of note in Latin America, and one who has already earned a prominent place alongside several world-renowned Colombian writers.

GREGORY RABASSA is a distinguished professor of Romance languages and comparative literature at Queens College. He has translated more than forty works into the English, including the works of Jorge Amado, Julio Cortazar, Mario Vargas Llosa, and Octavio Paz. He received the National Book Award for translation in 1967 for Cortazar's Hopscotch. Rabassa lives in New York City.

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13 Soplo de vida (1999) .... Golondrina/Pilar, the dead woman
... aka Adiós, María Félix (Colombia)
... aka Breath of Life (International: English title)
... aka Soplo de vida (Souffle de vie) (France)
14 "Divorciada" (1999) TV Series .... Eva
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