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Kill Bill 3 and Quentin Tarantino, an alien of image

When i watched Kill Bill1 the first time , i thought i was watching the history of cinema . The director uses all different of styles and background of movies , Cartoons, Japanese Karatica“Shaw Scope" , swords and above all Spaghetti western styles mingled wih Ennio Morricone music . Chinese productions and Hindi ones inspire many international filmmakers including the Moroccan ones . It seems that Quentin loves too much movies and that reflects his four long -feature films, and I think he is a lunatic of image and alien of cinema . Therefore , because Kill Bill1 and 2 were a great success on the mainstream of movies business, I suggest to Quentin to think of a third part of KILL BILL 3 where there will be a brutal ending of Beatrice ( Uma Thurman ) and of course within an unmerciful fight between Kids . ( Allal El Alaoui )

Quentin Jerome Tarantino (born March 27, 1963) is an American film director, actor, and Oscar-winning screenwriter. He rose to fame in the early 1990s as an auteur filmmaker whose use of nonlinear storylines, edgy tough-guy dialogue, and stylized violence interwoven with many references to contemporary subculture brought new life to familiar American film archetypes.[citation needed] His films include Reservoir Dogs (1992) which was inspired by the work of Ringo Lam, Pulp Fiction (1994), Jackie Brown (1997), and Kill Bill (Vol. 1 [2003], Vol. 2 [2004]).(

Quentin Tarantino as an alien of image

Kill Bill 3, the rage of Kids

(Cast overview, first billed only)

Uma Thurman
The Bride

Lucy Liu
O-Ren Ishii

Vivica A. Fox
Vernita Green

Daryl Hannah
Elle Driver

David Carradine

Michael Madsen

Julie Dreyfus
Sofie Fatale

Chiaki Kuriyama
Gogo Yubari

Sonny Chiba
Hattori Hanzo
Chia Hui Liu
Johnny Mo (as Gordon Liu)
Michael Parks
Earl McGraw

Michael Bowen
Jun Kunimura
Boss Tanaka
Kenji Ohba
Bald Guy (Sushi Shop) (as Kenji Oba)
Yuki Kazamatsuri

Robert Rodreguez and Quentin Tarantino

Lawrence Bender , the producer of Kill Bill

The buzz log What the world is searching for...

The Grindhouse Directors Face Off
By Erik Gunther
Thu, April 05, 2007, 3:16 pm PDT
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Buzz on "Grindhouse" has reached a frenzied pitch. Searches on the double-feature flick have jumped 70% over the past week and fans are ready to buy tickets for this violent ode to '70s schlock.

We've covered the Buzz on the women of "Grindhouse," but what about the men responsible for bringing the vision to life? Directors Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino are revered for their work, and we're sure fanboys of the two moviemakers won't be disappointed. However, we wanted to see what would happen if we pitted the two BFFs against one another in Buzz. Here's how our director faceoff played out...
The auteurs of "Grindhouse"

Quentin Tarantino
Robert Rodriguez
Buzz meter says...
Seminal Work
"Reservoir Dogs"
"El Mariachi"
Quentin's debut blasts "Mariachi" in search by factor of four.
Biggest Grosser
"Pulp Fiction"
"Spy Kids"
"Pulp" still resonates throughout pop culture. Tarantino's masterwork pulls in seven times as many searches. Edge to Quentin.
Franchise Fare
Kill Bill 1 and 2
Spy Kids 1, 2, and 3
The blood-splattered fare of "Bill" outdraws the kid-friendly spies by a four to one margin. Quentin all the way.
Casting Crutch
Uma Thurman
Antonio Banderas
Uma doubles up Antonio in Search, plus she's hotter. Nod to QT on this one.
Cred Buster
Guest judge on "American Idol"
Casting Tarantino as an actor in "From Dusk Till Dawn"
While "Idol" is the buzziest topic out there, Tarantino's appearance in season 3 was sweaty and odd. Edge to Rodriguez.
Top Related Search
Quentin Tarantino Movies
Robert Rodriguez Divorce
Tarantino's oeuvre is beloved. Rodriguez has a love hangover. Go with Quentin on this one.
"Grindhouse" Flick
"Death Proof"
"Planet Terror"
Way too close to call. Tarantino's half notched about 70 more searches over the past week, a tiny margin in the world of Buzz. Call it a draw.
Oddball Search
Quentin Tarantino Foot Fetish
Robert Rodriguez Dating Rose McGowan
We're putting our foot down and going with Rodriguez on this one.( From Yahoo Interface)