Thursday, April 12, 2007

Chinese cinema beautifies Rabat this spring

Shi Yuewen,l'attaché culturel

Rabat this coming sunday 15th of april 2007, will open up a Kazakh movie directed by Gao Feng and written by Ma Weiijun . All cinephiles and cinemagoers in Rabat are passionatly waiting for the moment especially it is officially stated that a Chinese delagation will be present with the film projection called " My Native beautiful country '.
Shi Yuewen,Adil in Arabic is The official cultural chinese manager based in Rabat ,and has done a tremendous effort along with CCM , not only to bring these movies but to do more film business with SNRT via Liu Wangchun and Allal EL Alaoui' concertations and hard work . Continuos contacts still carry on between SNRT and Chinese cultural service in order to project Chinese cinema on televsion may be this coming winter .