Friday, December 15, 2006

The Swadeshi movement inspired great Indian fimmakers.

The first Indian newsreel.
In 1905,Lord Curzon and the new Governor of Bengal,Andrew Fraser,announced the partition of Bengal,ostensibly for the development of Assam.Partly in reponse,the Indian National Congress launched the Swadeshi movement on 7 August,calling for the boycott of all foreign-manufactured goods;Lord Minto became viceroy.
J.F Madan turned producer with Jyotish Satkar's film of a protest rally against Partition.
From Encyclopaedia of Indian cinema by Ashish Rajadhyaksha and Paul Willemen.
901 : The First Indian Newsreel
Dec.7, Bhatvadekar made a newsreel of the public reception of R.P. Paranjpye who had won a distinction in maths at Cambridge.
1902 : The First Indian Bioscope
J. F. Madan acquires equipment from Pathe Freres. First bioscope show in tent at Calcutta.

1902 : The First Filmed Play in India
Hiralal Sen films scenes from Bengali plays staged at Classic theatre at Cal.

1903 : The First Sponsored Film
Bhatvadekar and some foreign companies shoot the durbar at Delhi to mark the coronation of King Edward VII

1904 : The First Indian Film Co.
Manek Sethna starts Touring Film Co. showing Life of Chirst (2 reels).

1905 : The First Production Venture
Jyoti Sircar covers the demonstration against Lord Curzon's partition of Bengal. Madan produces this coverage.