Thursday, December 07, 2006

Omar Salim:Dubbing stage becomes a must

Omar Salim sweet voice was borrowed by Allal, Razak, and Essafi in order to talk about the new Indian cinema .This team of artists are preparing a monography on Indian cinema .2M new vision of working suggests this man to be its super header, supported by domestic press fervently especially that Omar Salim has now written two books.
Allal: What do you think about Indian movies?
Omar Salim: According to Morocco, just after the sixties, I mean, Indian cinema marvelled us with its beautiful melodramatic songs, its everlasting hero, beautiful heroess and especially its magical scenes. We, as Casablanca kids, used to go out at the street, danced trying to imitate great actors and actresses of that time just like Dilip Kumar and Nargis. There were too many cinema theatres that projected Indian movies for example – Al kawakib cinema-and Opera cinema which really were making box office that time.
Indian cinema without any doubt is a big industry. People of cinema if you want to talk about Bollywood has understood the secret of production that we here in Morocco can’t see and visualize yet .I think Indian artists are more intelligent than we are. Producing 800 films per year is a symbol of continuous fighting to impose itself as an artistic soft power. That is why; one has to find too many good films out of these 800 movies. When I came to 2M as a director, i worked with Nour- eddine Sail and we shaped a marvellous team. We had great ideas about how to produce films and it worked.2M indeed produced a lot of films.
Razak: Bollywood is a phonetic word formed with intelligent words like Mum bay..If one has really to understand Indian movies, he or she must understand the culture of India. IIFA staff has come to Marrakech under super heading of its ambassador and mega-star Amitabh Bachan, what do you think about organizing IIFA awards in Marrakech?
O.S: why should we?
Allal: Is it a question for us? Our government is a doing a spot on Radio and even in television about people who beg in the streets .This publicity is anti-begging. It is alright .I understand that they don’t want to see beggars any more. I mean, organizing such a big event like IIFA helps our economy to be good and reasonable. You imagine that about 300 tv channels coming to Marrakech .It will be a big artistic event. Asia will push and shift its business men and investors towards North Africa mainly Morocco. That is exactly what JETTO as our prime minister is trying to do. Jobs will be created and everybody survives. Then, there will certainly be no more begging.
O.S: We don’t have means and infrastructures to organise such a big event .Hower; Indian movies are not my cup of tea. I can’t resist to stay 3 hours in front of the screen to wait for the plot.I can understand that they do new brilliant films but my taste goes to Italian and French films .Now, we , unfortunately, have ignorant people ,but I quite agree that people like Brahim Sayah will come back to the auditoriums to work on international films and of course and why not to dub stage New Indian movies.
Allal: I can’t understand one thing that Bollywood helps a lot our domestic distributors .I mean, because of the box office statistics coming out from Hindu movies that we have from CCM, cinema theatres are still open.
O.S: It becomes obvious. it is time to talk about creating new technologies and institutins of dubbing stage know they would create jobs not only for technicians but also for actresses and actors as well. Dubbing stag movies becomes a must domestically