Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Nabil Lahlou, a Moroccan meets Moroccan bollyphiles,Allal, Razak and Essafi

The Moroccan dramaturge? Nabil Lahlou honors Brahim Sayah
One of my happiest day in cinema abd especially during the dubbing stage times, I happened to meet the most brilliant man in cinema of dubbing who played a major role to make the magic of cinema very tasty to the Moroccan audiences.
I was 19 then . I worked with Brahim Sayah too many Indian Films.We really had good times . Dubbing films opened for us a wide gate in terms of techniques and arts and of course we t with brilliant actors and actressed from all Mahgreb, I mean from Algeria , Tunis and Lybia.
Razak : What do you think about Indian movies ?
Nabil Lahlou : They are wonderful . Cinema really helps third world countries to express themsenves freely .If the arab world motivates more arab filmmakers , there will be no intergrism and fundamontalism.
Allal : I have read somewhere that Hamid Bennani and yourself are influenced by dadaism and surealism...
Nabil lahloo : I am influenced by Klawism ( laughingly ) - Ballism- it is all balls and balls .Let me tell you one thing ;when the arabs fell down the statuette during El Jahilia time, they thought that that they had done so for the image.They are really scared of the image.Look at the Iranians , they are now doing well.Their cinema is great and accepted in the whole world.
I want to say one thing and the last is that when the governement encourages us to express ourselves freely .Then the image of fear and ignorance will vanish for ever.
So, it is about freedom of speech.Freedom of speech becomes a must in our country.
Razak : why did you come to FIFM this year ?
N.L : To support Ahmed Snoussi. He said he would burn himself and i said i came here to put water on his head to save him .