Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Iman Jambari, a handikapped bollyphiles in Marrack makes mirracles

Iman Jambari,Allal,Razakand Essafi go to Bollywood

SNRT, the national televsion in Morocco makes a special reportage on Bollyphiles in Morocco .Among them, there was a young teenger girl whose heart goes to Bollywood . Eveybody talks about her because she was so keen to meet Kajol and her husband Adjay Devgan at the International Film Festival in Marrakech held this year on the first of december 2006.Despite of being handikapped, Iman Jambari proved to be a great cinemagoer who speaks four languages including Hindustani . Iman Jamari passed admirably on an artistic televised program edited by Nadia Amin and fimled by Mustapha Lasfer last night on the 5 of december.This program ends up with an exlusive announcement of a monography that Allal El Alaoui(English chroniles) ,Razak ( french chroniles )and Essafi Khammar(photographer) are preparing on Indian cinema .