Saturday, December 09, 2006

Hassan Skalli, the mastermind of acting and dubbing stage in Morocco.

Hassan Skalli with his wife Latifa Kamal at the auditorium of Doublage.

Allal : my name is Allal El Alaoui.You know my friend razak ?
Hassan Skalli : Yes ,of course.
RAZAK : we are writing a monography on indian cinema. Allal is writing in English and i am writing in French.The Navarasas and the Swadishi mouvement in India inspired great filmmakers like Dadasahib , Mahboob and Satayit Ray ,,,,
Telephone rings and Hassan Skalli replies , ( hello, Habiba , it is Habiba madkouri , I am doing fine, yes, everybody says you were great ,,,i am with some people who want to write a book on Indian cinema,ok I see you tomorow you will be here in Marakech tomorrow , i see you ,then bye )
Hassan Skalli : That was habiba Madkouri . She said hello ,
Allal : We have been at Brahim Sayah house . he is a nice guy , we want to ask you few questions about you relationship with him .
Hassan Skalli : Brahim Skalli is a giant man of cinema . He is not only a technical man but also a magician of making and remaking movies, i mean to say dubbing stage Indian movies and the International ones of course. I knew him in 1950 . I remember i played the first movie in Morocco produced by the Moroccan governement called – Brahim – Nour-eddine sail is a genius man . I don’t know how he got this movie from abroad , but he did . i am very happy about the work he did. Brahim Sayah liked his work greatly . He is an honest man.Just look at the man , you will immediately like him .He is so honest and kind to all his technicians and actors . The movie i played with him was called – Fanfan la tulip- . Kateb Yassine the Algerian writer, and my wife Latifa Kamal paticipated in doublage too.
Razak : We want to pay hommage to Brahim sayah . We believe he played a very good role for Moroccan memory . You know that Mustapha Munir wrote a letter to Amitabh Bachan. I and Essafi khammar took it to Bachan when he was in Marrakech two or three years ago .Bachan wanted to meet him because Munir played his roles.
Allal : Have you heard of films like Dosti, Mother India, Sholay ?
Hassan Skalli : Yes, of course . There films remain eternel in my memory too. When I was at the auditorium with Brahim and technicians , we thought how the Indian actor would be speaking out like a Moroccan does. We listened to the indian sequences very carefully.How the actor said his lines, then the tone and of course with the help of the techniques of Brahim Sayah,dubbing stage came out like magic.