Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Fatima Yehdi invites Allal El Alaoui at her cinema nights

Allal gives his voice to Radio waves on Indian cinema animated by Fatima Yehdi

Fatima Yehdi animates an artistic program at the Radio in Rabat at SNRT .She is quite and a very educated lady .As a sweet voice , Fatima has given her voice over to many artistic programs and Tv documentaries and magazines .On tuesday the 28th of november 2006 , Fatima called Allal El Alaoui to speak on the behalf of Indian cinema.Although it was a freezing night, ALlal took his bike and headed for Radio to be on time in a program called Masaa al cinemae.
Fatima presented herself elegantly to her listeners :
My name is Fatima Yehdi and welcome to my artistic program -Masaa al cinemae-.
My guest is Allal El Alaoui, a cinemagoer, cinephile working at SNRT as an assistant- director and he is preparing with his colleagues Razak and Essafi a monography about Indian cinema .He will be writing in English his monography ,as for his colleague Razak, he is writing in french enriched with beautiful photographes made by Essafi.But, first , let's listen to a our radio goers :
First comment : I think Indian cinema is an emotional instrument that has great impact on our feelings.Now DVDs and CDS omnipresent anywhere , we are able to follow Bollywood events.
Second comment : I don't like Indian movies,but my brother does . I am bored to death sometimes,but we don"t forget that there are also great Indian films .
Third comment :Indian cinema deals with commercial and cultural subjects.I remember in the eighties , there was a brilliant film called - Sholay- directed by Sippy . One had to reserve his or her place at cinema theatres because the movie was a big success.
Reportage ended up and Fatima gave the word to ALLAL.
Allal El ALaoui : That is great . Thank you Fatima .You know Fatima in Box office that Cinema theatres are still open in Morocco because of the omnipresence of indian cinema .According to CCM, we import 80 good indian movies out of 800 films made by Bollywood each year year .
We will write all the radio program on the internet as soon as we get a radiofonic copy from SNRT.