Friday, December 22, 2006

cinephilia of an engineer called Driss Benhima.


Few people know ex-mayor of Casablanca Driss Benhima’s interest in movies .Now spearheading The Moroccan airways company ,Royal Air Maroc (RAM), Benhima was a brilliant cinema critic .He animated a Cineclub during his ingeneering labors in Khouribga” OCP’( Cherifian Office of Phosphate).
Benhima combined with excellency high-tech engeneering and cinephilia,that is to say he published in french a lot of articles about cinema in the famous eighties magazine called –LAMALIF- :
1- –LAMALIF-N.159-octobre 1984: Un siécle de fer et des heros impuissants.
2- –LAMALIF-N.161-Decembre 1984: Films de télévision et culture.
3- –LAMALIF-N.163-Fevrier 1985; Classifier ou Créer.

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