Sunday, December 10, 2006

Aziz Mawhoob, the successful producer and actor who has good souvenir of Brahim Sayah and his studio Swissi.

Studio swissi was a great cinematic reference in Morocco of doublage . Too many egyptian movies were filmed at this studio, I remember the movie – ALI BABA- with the french actor Ferdinand.
Ohter movies werre filmed here with excellent egyptian actresses and actors just like Samia Jamal,Kamal Channaoui and Jail Ratib. Brahim Sayah was the mastermind of this studio.He not only worked with us , we actors but also went up to the auditorium for technical reasons.
I would advice you to go to The chamber of distributers . These people have all the reference about old dailies and rushes that concern Indian movies.
I went to spain to dub stage a movie called – Libra Afrodith- When i came back, I worked with Mesbahi and dubbed stage too many Indian movies like, Mother India, Dosti and Mangala Badawiya . We dubbed stage one movie per week, sometimes, it took us only three days . The technique was easy .We watched the movie first and its sequences and we had to know and feel emotions . We had a line where to stop and began our doublage.The technician would play the sequence three times and you had to be ready to dub stage .We really enjoyed working with those technicians under the super heading of Brahim Sayah. There were brilliant actors just like Taeb Saddiki,who would add some humour to the lines .First, we were only 6 actors of Maamoura , then other group came including women .
Now, with technology, things are different but what i just can’t understand is when we watch a Moroccan movie with Moroccan dialect, they translate the languange to french but when it is in french , they would not translate it as if we are a french colony. It is strange . We still have people who can’t read nor write, so , we need an institution that deals only with doublage .Jobs will be created easily not only for technicians, but also for actors and actresses .