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Allal in press Conference in Marakech 2005

Yash Shopra was in Marrakech in 2005 with his wife, Pamela Chopra . Going around Marrakeshi souks and suburbs especially the Jamaa el Fna (11) square, Yash shopra said how amazed and astonished he was by the Moroccan people and its traditions that really has great affinity with the ones in India.With my gaudy and showy english,i wanted to impress my colleagues.Yash Shopra consciously was aware what i intended to do ,he directed me to be reasonable. Using his Shokriya hand,the master begged me to ask him in a simple english. I knew then that he was gentlman in his manner and giant to direct his beloved artists. Both India and Pakistan Should be grateful for the symbolic union that gathers these two countries through Veersaara By Yash Shopra.It is an outstanding drama which tries to break the barriers separating two lovers, Veer Patra Sing (Shahrukh kan) and a Pakistani woman , Zarra Hayaat Khan (Preity Zinta). When he projected his film at Berlin film festival, Yash Shopra was scared that the people would not understand the story , However ,at the end of the film, he saw people crying. The presence of Aishwarya Rai in Marrakesh , a former Miss World and Bollywood’s first genuine cross-over icon, , lightened Marrakech with her beauty and let all Marrakeshi young men eyes wild open. These artists are well honored by the Moroccan people and FIFM,the international film festival in Marrakesh. Morrocco now became known in Mumbay and the majority of Bollywood stars would love to come to this country.

ALLAL EL ALAOUI In Marrakech 2005 press conference debating a Morocco-Galisian film documentary « HANAN » by Carriera and produced by SNRT.
urriculum Vitae
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Interesting film debates In the fifth edition of the international film festival in
Marrakech 2005
E-Mail : Allal40@caramail.com
Objectives • I wish to pursue a career
where I am able to utilize my skills within a diverse
workplace to obtain artistic and personal objectives.
Previous TV and association works have also allowed
me to develop high standards of professionalism. I am a
motivated individual looking forward to the challenges
that the future holds.
Prénom: El Alaoui

Lieu de Naissance : SALE
Nationalité : MAROC.
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Les attestations et certificats :
1983 – 1984 : Baccalauréat.
Une année difficile car le bac est un examen
Hautement qualifié au Maroc, voir aussi la
psychologie de l’élève.

Acting inspirations after getting
Baccalaureate allow me to look ahead.
So, destination to Europe for further
1984 – 1985: Metropolitan Institute of higher education. England.


1985 – 1986 : CINEMA STUDIES. THAT was the occasion to
discover TARKOVSKI Direction of photography. History of cinema. ROSSILINI-FELLINI-ROSSI-

My first experience at the national TV- RTM- was
as key lighter, then I did some analogue and digital
Editing. That was at JT studio and speakerine.It
was later that I joined editing rooms for an amazing

Pour maîtriser bien les stations de montages et
post-production type AVID ANDREALINE et
DPS velocity
C’est préférable de commencer par le logiciel
du montage appelé MEDIA 100 I.
- Bureatique.