Monday, December 19, 2016

Woman in the Dunes by Hiroshi Teshigahara (1964)

"I love staying at local homes,” the man says, accepting an offer of hospitality after he misses the last bus back to the city. He has been collecting insects in a remote desert region of Japan. The villagers lead him to a house at the bottom of a sandpit, and he climbs down a rope ladder to spend the night with the woman who lives there. She prepares his dinner, and fans him as he eats. During the night, he awakens to observe that she is outside, shoveling sand. In the morning, he sees her sleeping, her body naked and sparkling with sand. He goes outside to leave. "That's funny,” he says to himself. "The ladder is gone.”

Monday, November 21, 2016

Mass Media in Morocco seen Sanaa El Alaoui

                                                                     Sanaa El Alaoui

  Pr Ése Ntation 6 by allal on Scribd

Sunday, October 30, 2016

The threshold by Allal El Alaoui primed in Buenos Aires in Argentina as CE IDENTITARIO

Dear artists,
we are happy and grateful that his work "The Threshold / Threshold" has obtained the CE MENTION identity thematic section.


Expansive Hugs and waited by their deeds to be part of our 2nd International Festival CORPORALITY EXPANDED in 2018!

Ladys Gonzalez and Wanda Lopez Trelles

Friday, October 21, 2016

Cinemagoers to pause at Youssef's Ecolodge

Of Course, super and mega -stars prefer to go popular Kasbat in Ouarzazate because they love to get in touch with common people . Some of them go to visit Yousef's Ecolodge , a nice Hotel which is situated at the most beatiful area of Ourazazarte.

 Near to a golden river attached hsitorically to the famous Oued Daraa where trade of gold , silk and mainly salt  called Taoudenni that come right from Timbouktu via  Fes ,Tafilat and Zagora . If commerce has boomed out right in Sahara, that is because of  romantic tents ,Kasbats and  hotels and now we speak of Ecolodge especially the one who is spearheaded  Youssef , a smiling man that you will not regret to meet up with .

    Please  contact  Yousse in Ouarzazazte GSM :  00212666177610

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

100 dh by Siham El Alaoui

               Cinema And Movies , a based production company has just produced 100 dh on which Allal El  Alaoui has managed to finish it as far as production is concerned . This short film is directed by Siham El Alaoui who has just begun his first film . The protagonists are Cheikh Sarr and his wife; Vira Rose from Sengal along with Moroccan actors such as Moahmmed lamalam touafik , Mohammed El Motawakil and Nabil isslam. Ismac has collaborated with Siham El Alaoui by inserting as tecdhnical crew ; Iman Filala ; script-girl , Adam Rgagna assistant-director, Sanaa El alaoui and Boutaina Bouazza as production designer. 100 dh will be released next year 2017 .


When two imigrants , Mustapha and his wife  Oumma are begging  for money in the traffic lights; a handsome girl gives 100 dh to  the wife of Mustapha  . Feeling happy , Oumma  sends Mustapha to buy some meat  from a popukar market . To his surprise , Mustapha is beaten by a clerk who believes that Mustapha has stolen his 100 dh, Mustapha escapes from a fierce crowd just to be hit by track .