Wednesday, October 19, 2016

100 dh by Siham El Alaoui

               Cinema And Movies , a based production company has just produced 100 dh on which Allal El  Alaoui has managed to finish it as far as production is concerned . This short film is directed by Siham El Alaoui who has just begun his first film . The protagonists are Cheikh Sarr and his wife; Vira Rose from Sengal along with Moroccan actors such as Moahmmed lamalam touafik , Mohammed El Motawakil and Nabil isslam. Ismac has collaborated with Siham El Alaoui by inserting as tecdhnical crew ; Iman Filala ; script-girl , Adam Rgagna assistant-director, Sanaa El alaoui and Boutaina Bouazza as production designer. 100 dh will be released next year 2017 .


When two imigrants , Mustapha and his wife  Oumma are begging  for money in the traffic lights; a handsome girl gives 100 dh to  the wife of Mustapha  . Feeling happy , Oumma  sends Mustapha to buy some meat  from a popukar market . To his surprise , Mustapha is beaten by a clerk who believes that Mustapha has stolen his 100 dh, Mustapha escapes from a fierce crowd just to be hit by track .