Monday, October 13, 2014

Waiting for Sarem Fassi Fihri......


By Allal El Alaoui

                            Only 31 cinema theatres still resist in Morocco. It is an embarrassing fact for the new comer, the director of CCM. Filmmakers and critics are wondering about this disastrous decrease in number of cinema theatres and the big question remains as this: why do we still produce Moroccan films? It might be the second critical criteria that also faces the new director/producer of CCM called Sarem Fassi Fihri.
                         The New director, known of his cool western hat and his expensive Cuban cigarettes, is welcomed by media ,directors and producers to promote and give a new breath to national cinema not ignoring the magnificent job of his previous colleague, Nouredine Sail who has himself made great efforts to reopen Moroccan cinema theatres, unfortunately his dreams do not come true  .Unlike Nouredine, Sarem  is very actif in the field of production and has produced  movies of  handful of Moroccan filmmakers such as Hakim Noury,Ahmed Boulane and Nabil Ayouch . Administratively speaking,CCM needs to be reorganized by inserting new technical staff,new technoclogy and above all new vision of the future of Moroccan cinema.This is a job that Sarem is planning to realize .But,when ?
                         In his Cinematic column inserted mysteriously into the International Film Festival of Mediterranean countries 2014 edition, Sarem Fassi Fihri has written in English which is something new for Moroccan cinema-goers .May be it is a sign to suggest  that Moroccan cinema should be known to THE WORLD  unlike  x – CCM director Nouredine Sail who only sticks to Pascal country ,France .Of course, Arabic is much more used  from Moroccan cinema-goers ; critics and screenwriters because it is the first spoken language.

                          Only 56 short films in competition coming from Mediterranean countries. However, Panorama films do not exist anymore in the festival due to the non virement of financial support to the Festival which eventually needs more than 150.000.000 dirham to cover the cost and charges of invited people .The sum of money that we have mentioned before; cannot be released from Moroccan official  sponsors, or Tangiers local supporters .I let you guess the dramatic suspense that is happening between Rabat and Tangiers.