Friday, November 15, 2013

The youngest film producer in Morocco is Siham El Alaoui

Written by Ali Karama

2013 is unfortagetable for Siham El Alaoui.Why,because Siham has produced one film called ‘Pants of Blood’ and CCM commission has recently  accepted to finance her shortfilm by offering her 100 000,OO DH . This film is   called « The Step » a short story written by Khalid Akalai and it will be rewritten by khalid Akalai and Allal El Alaoui who will assume its filmic direction .

By the way, Khalid Akalai is considered as a remarquable literary writer who has just been awarded the first prize in Irak 2013 recently.He has also translated a handsome novel called 'Vistoria' by Knut hamsun ;an honorable  Norwegian writer . For this reason , Siham  will be visiting Norway for a short touristic visit where  she will be presenting her new project for norwegian television for future co-production after having spent some few days in Istanbul trying to find more cinematic sponsors.

Siham hides an innocent smile in her angelic face and she is known of her cool  communication with people . She is loved by many because of her charisma and beauty and is more wanted by project holders namely film makers .In the past, Siham  wanted to be an actor but she has decided to be a producer because of her passion to leadership and of course her love  of cinema and movies is something beyond reach ; a  seducing name that  she has already chosen to call her cinematic  company .That is ‘ Cinema and Movies ‘ a company based in Kenitra and founded in 2010 .

While defending her project before CCM commission 2013, she really got the intention of fim critics and screenwriters such as Mohamed Belfqih,Mohamed Kadmir,Sabah Bendaoud,Fatima Ifriqui ;Abdelkhalek Afandi ;Mohmed Hicham Regragui and Tarik Khali . Siham is willing to work for the sake of cinema and she loves her country so much that she thinks that cinema is a powerful tool to dispatch  the image of her country called Morocco.