Sunday, October 27, 2013

Motivation in screenwriting

What the character hopes to achieve by end of movie; Specific way any
character, mostly hero, determines plot – the one-line sentence from
Story Concept. What hero desires determines what story is about:
Ghostbusters – story about a former university teacher who wants to
earn money by getting rid of ghosts.

Two levels: Outer and inner

Outer: What the character visibly hopes to accomplish by the end of the
movie; drives plot of story and determines basic story concept

Inner: The reason (why?) for the outer motivation, which the character
thinks will lead to self-worth (optional)
Outer Inner

Visible Invisible
Desire for outward Desire for self worth
Revealed through action Revealed through dialogue
Answers question: What Answers question, Why does he want to do
Is this movie about?
Related to plot Related to character growth and theme
Reasons for accomplishing a task (work, school, etc) differs per person
as in real life. Paths of self-worth: revenge, greed, power

The Screenwriting Bible™

Sir William K. Coe