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Giuseppe Verdi honored by Parma International Music Film Festival

Eddy lovaglio is an Italian intellectual ,a beautiful woman and very communicating .She has been emailing letters to filmmakers aorund the world because apparently her beloved town Parma is honoring Guiseppe Verdi the Famous Italian Opera composer.The event will take place in Parma in which remarkable jury will attend this artistic musical and cinematic shows .


In association with the Department of Culture / City of Parma.
The international competition will reward the best soundtrack, then the best film music composer who will receive the Gran Prix “VIOLETTA D’ORO” (Golden Violet), flower appearing on the historic crest of the city and that gives his name to the most famous and beloved female heroine created by
Giuseppe Verdi.
Following first prize, the Violetta d’Oro, the “Violetta d’Argento” (Silver Violet) will be assigned to the best movie, and Honorable Mentions to best director, best photography, best actor and best screenplay.

The purpose of this effort is not only pointing out to the attention of the audience recent and important features, but even underlining the value of a musical score as an essential element for the poetry and the success of a movie itself.
Besides, the contest will be a chance for film makers and producers to show their own works to a various audience and to an hi-qualified international jury.
Moreover, there will be a particular section dedicated to shortcuts and debut authors.
Collateral events will occur, like “Verdi e il cinema” (Verdi and the cinema, celebrating the Verdi Bicentenary celebrations), related concerts, exhibits and seminars based on music for cinema.
The deadline for the subscription is July 25 2013, and the attendance is open to feature films and videos of any nationality, subject and length.
The Festival will take place in Parma from 23 to 29 September 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Riccardo Joshua Moretti - Italian Film Composer -

By Allal El Alaoui

Parma will amaze  its citizens with international film music from all over the world . It is about The international competition rewards of  the best soundtrack of films introduced to Parma film festival  in collaboration with the Department of Culture of the City.The director of the festival,Eddy Lovaglio has done temendous work to gather  international movies including my shortfilm ‘The will’ within which Italian cinema-goers will enjoy Brahim Belouafi’s Saharian theme called ‘ Tolerance’ .
The festival will be honored with the presence of the Sony genral director who will preside the jury including the famous Parma music film composer ,Riccardo Joshua Moretti as artistic director. 

Therefore the best composer of music for images will be awarded the Grand Prix "Golden Violet," flower symbol of Parma but also the name of the heroine Verdiana most known and loved by the public. In addition to the first prize - The Golden Violet - follow the "Violet Silver" for the best film, the Honorable Mentions for the best realisation, the best picture, the best performer and best screenplay.

The aim of the initiative is to bring to public attention not only a good standard and film productions of recent works, but also to emphasize the value of writing music for film as an essential element of poetic and success of the film itself.

The contest will also be an opportunity for filmmakers and producers to present their work to a diverse audience and to a qualified international jury. In addition to the competition section on the feature films, has been included a section on "young" for the shorts.

The festival in Parma will have several events such as "Verdi and the cinema" (on the occasion of the bicentennial Verdi), themed concerts, exhibitions, seminars and courses related to music to images and sound.

R.J. Moretti experienced composition techniques with Maestro Gaetano Giani Leporini and film music with Maestro Nino Rota and Maestro Alessandro Cicognini. Since 1992 Moretti has been Guest Director of the Orchestra of Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, of the Gosteleradio Orchestra and of the Moscow Symphony. He composed music for the theatre as well as documentaries and film soundtracks. Moretti was awarded the “Premio Nino Rota” by the Union of Russian Composers. He supervised many TV programmes for RAI, among which “La Musica nel Cinema Italiano”. Moretti’s compositions have been performed in the most important international theatres. In particular, attention was given to his works dedicated to Jewish Music such as: “EBRAICA”, “MIDOR LEDOR” and “IL CANTO DI ISRAELE”. He made many recordings, among which I. Stravinskij’s “LA STORIA DEL SOLDATO” with performed by Giancarlo Giannini together with the Orchestra of Bolshoj Theatre, and “GOLEM” performed by Adalberto Maria Merli. He worked for many years with Lindsey Kemp Company.

Moretti is the leading actor in the role of Giacomo Puccini in the film “PUCCINI E LA FANCIULLA” directed by Paolo Benvenuti and presented at the film festival in Venice. He graduated with honours at Accademia Chigiana in Siena. In April 2010 he did his recital “Puccini Experience” at Carnegie hall in New York and Academy Italian Foundation gave him “Bravo Award”.

Riccardo Joshua Moretti is a film composer and in September 2010 he was on red carpet at Film Festival in Venice with film director Amos Poe because Moretti did a soundtrack of film “LA COMMEDIA” by Amos Poe ispired to “Divina Commedia” by Dante Alighieri. In September 2011 Riccardo J. Moretti composed soundtrack of last film or director Francesco Barilli, titled “Il cavaliere errante” presented at Sitges Film Festival in Spain in October 2011.
Moretti is currently teaching at Conservatorio “A.Boito”, in Parma, for lectures and course of “Musica nel cinema”.

CV - Allal El Alaoui - 2013 - Francais -

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Abdellah Haimer ,Festivalogue‎ of Morocco

With sure steps to glory as far culture as concerned especially the culture of film festivals and jourlaism ,Abdellah Haimer seems stubborn to take that flame to go on and on to write on cultute , film festivals theatre and now on movies .
Haimer,born in Rabat, is a man of  wit and culture and his bassamate shortfilm festival  recently achieved its fiveth edition ,is organized with a spirit of love and challenge in Rabat , which deals with arts and movies is a title of an ongoing witty man of Morocco culture .

Monday, August 19, 2013

CMRTVN praises Allal El Alaoui awarded in Ifan - The best Script -

The film The Will- Our friend and colleague of Allal El Alaoui has won the award for Best Screenplay at the Festival of Arab Short Film AZROU / IFRANE 2013 15th edition under the theme "Film Environment & Renewable Energy"
which was unrolling of 15 AU 18 August 2013

"The Will" is not only a direction, but a meaning that gives rise to several questions at once, and that only the viewer can find the answers, the meaning. The will, short film written and directed by Allal El Alaoui and produced by SNRT is also an approach that the actor involved in this work and the writer of the latter can find meaning.

As Fatima Bassour actress chosen to play the role of the wife Zahra of the  great actor Ben Brahim in the film "the will" and with a suggestive reading deepens the filmmaker Mr. Allal El Alaoui, I will say that is a tribute to Moroccan Sahrawi nomads connoisseurs of the great desert and its history is indeed the representations of our history and the history of our beautiful country that is Morocco.

And starting from this original presentation of lifestyle and these gents is to bring the maximum possible that lifestyle Moroccan viewer the choice of Mr. Allal El Alaoui this thematic objective was to awaken in those who view the movie and one that has contributed to the development of that feeling of patriotism and citizenship.

That thereafter the viewer and participant in the making of this film has the feeling of being one of the characters or all characters at once, as long as the place of the events of this film is involved each Moroccan soul of its existence.

The director of the short film "Children of the Sun" was chosen to present to the Moroccan public beautiful landscape as "Tinfou" and "Ark Lihoudi" as well as other landscapes
of Moroccan Sahara, particularly in areas of city ​​of Zagora.

Mr. Allal El Alaoui also chose to share the natural beauty of this region through the viewer to be able to discover and enjoy and fell in love with the landscape as a traveler, a tourist who contemplates for the first time.

A vast desert, a magical sand, every golden grain tells a story, a tale of wisdom. And when the wind blows, a painting of a majestic natural beauty draws on these dunes that even the masterpiece of the most talented artist can never match the beauty.

Le film -TESTAMENT - de Notre Ami et collègue Allal el alaoui a remporte le prix de meilleur scenario au festival du monde arabe du court-métrage AZROU/IFRANE 2013 15ème édition sous le Thème "Ciné Environnement & Énergie renouvelable"
qui s'est deroulé du 15 AU 18 AOUT 2013

« Le testament » n’est pas seulement un sens mais une signification qui donne naissance à plusieurs questions à la fois ; que seul le spectateur peut trouver les réponses, le sens. Le testament, court- métrage écrit et réalisé par Allal El Alaoui et produit par la SNRT, est également une approche que l’acteur participant à ce travail et le scénariste de ce dernier peut trouver la signification.

Comme étant Fatima Bassour, actrice choisie pour jouer le rôle de Zahra la femme du grand acteur Ben Brahim dans ce film « le testament » et avec une lecture approfondit des suggestifs du cinéaste Mr Allal El Alaoui, Je dis que le testament est un hommage aux nomades sahraoui marocains connaisseurs du grand désert et de son histoire qui n’est en effet que la représentations de notre histoire et l’histoire de notre beau pays qui est le Maroc.

Et partant de cette présentation original du mode de vie de ces gents et le fait de rapprocher le maximum possible ce mode de vie au spectateur marocain, le choix de Mr Allal El Alaoui de cette thématique avait comme objectif d’éveiller chez celui qui regard le film et celui qui a participé à l’élaboration de ce dernier le sentiment du patriotisme et de la citoyenneté.

Pour que par la suite le spectateur et le participant à la réalisation de ce film aura le sentiment d’être l’un des personnages du film ou tous les personnages à la fois, du moment que le lieu des événements de ce film est partie prenante de chaque marocain de son âme de son existence.

Le réalisateur du court- métrage « les enfants du soleil » a choisie de présenter au grand public marocain de très beau paysage comme « Tinfou » et « Ark Lihoudi » ainsi que d’autre paysage du grand Sahara marocain et particulièrement dans les régions de la ville de Zagoura.

Mr Allal El Alaoui a également choisi de partager la beauté des paysages de cette région à travers le spectateur pour pouvoir découvrir et apprécier et tombé amoureux de ces paysages comme un voyageur, un touriste qui les contemple pour la première fois.

Un désert immense, un sable magique, chaque grain doré raconte une histoire, un conte, de la sagesse. Et quand le vent souffle, un tableau d’une beauté naturellement majestueuse se dessine sur ces dunes que même le chef d’œuvre de l’artiste plus talentueux ne pourra jamais égaler cette beauté.

Et Fatima Bassour en jouant le rôle de Zahra dans la scène dans la quelle elle est enterrée dans le sable ne restant visible de son corps que la tête, je sentais la profondeur et la force des répliques du scénario que je disais. « Zahra le signe » attachée à ses racines et à sa terre malgré le jugement atroce et le regard des yeux qui la jugé. Le serpent ‘Cobra’ qui vient lui aussi pour participer à ce tableau en se mettant à coté de sa tête seule visible dans le sable, non pour marquer sa présence mais pour dire « n’ayez pas peur Sahara je suis là, pour vous protéger et vous défendre ».Pour que Zahra lance un crie en fixant tous les pressant pour dire :

Le testament d’ Allal c’est mon testament pour vous ;
Mon histoire et sa gloire c’est la votre et entre vos mains ;
Ayez conscience de l’ampleur de l’affaire ;
Garder le testament ;
Le Sahara c’est votre pays ;
préserver votre héritage ; — avec Allal El Alaoui.

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professional cinema machinist in Marrakech called Naoufal lamkealal

I am writing to express my interest to work with you, your reputation for professionalism. Indeed,my passion for the craft of cinema is great  and I am trained at the Euro-Mediterranean Centre of Cinema and Audiovisual .I would put my skills to your team.

My training enriched  by many nationally and internationally as far as  films are concerned .This allows me to spread my skills in time as a machinist. I am quite able to take care of the distribution of work within a team.
Serious, voluntary and rigorous, my first goal is to meet the gent I work with while ensuring to 
develop my department. It is with pleasure that I will present to you in person the details of my professional life and you commit my motivation.

Je vous écris pour vous témoigner mon grand intérêt à travailler avec vous , réputé pour ton professionnalisme. En effet, passionné par le métier de cinéma et j'ai suivi une formation au centre euro méditerranéen du cinéma et l'audiovisuel j'aimerais mettre mes compétences au service de votre équipe.
Ma formation, enrichie par de nombreux films nationaux et internationaux m'a permis de déployer mes compétences au temps que machiniste . Je suis donc tout à fait en mesure de prendre en charge la répartition du travail au sein d'une équipe.
Sérieux, volontaire et rigoureux, mon objectif premier est de satisfaire les gent avec qui je travaille tout en veillant à développer mon département. C'est avec plaisir que je vous présenterais de vive voix le détail de ma vie professionnel et vous exposerais ma grande motivation.

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The Will by allal el alaoui in competition in Parma - Italy -

Articolo e intervista alla direttrice Eddy Lovaglio per

E’ prevista la partecipazione di ospiti illustri?
Ci aspettiamo sicuramente la partecipazione di ospiti illustri, ciò dipenderà anche dalle produzioni in concorso e il programma dettagliato uscirà fra qualche mese. Ci sarà sicuramente un ospite “illustre” al quale vorremmo attribuire un premio alla carriera, ci saranno ospiti di grande prestigio in giuria, tra i quali posso anticipare la presenza del dr. Roberto Mancinelli della Sony, e poi una personalità di grande prestigio è il nostro direttore artistico, M° Riccardo J. Moretti, compositore di musica da film e allievo di Nino Rota, nonché docente al Conservatorio “A. Boito” di Parma dove ha istituito proprio una sezione di musica per immagini.

   Al Wassia (The will)
(Marocco – lingua: arabo con sottotitoli inglese) Durata  18’
Regia: Allal El Alaoui
Compositore: Brahim Belwafi
Produzione: SNRT, Alami Khalouqui
Sinossi: Uno sceicco moribondo nel Sahara consiglia ai suoi tre figli di prendersi cura della loro madre perché è l’origine della loro esistenza…
Prima mondiale. In concorso.

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The Business of Screenwriting: “Why we hate writers”

The Business of Screenwriting: “Why we hate writers”

August 1st, 2013 by 

Today we have a guest post from Hollywood producer Max Millimeter. As usual this is a transcription of a recording Max made up at his Laurel Canyon home:
Okay, the God’s honest truth is this: Basically we hate you guys.
Now lemme drill down on that.
By “you guys,” I mean screenwriters.
By “we,” I mean producers and studio execs. Agents and managers don’t count ‘coz they make their livelihoods off you guys although, trust me, there are plenty of times when they think, “Jeezus God, why am I representing this schmuck?”
You can be whiny, you can be irritating, you can be stubborn, you can be fucking stupid. But that’s not why we hate you.
We hate you ‘coz you can write.
See, we can’t. And the fact we can’t and you can… that eats at us.
Know why? ‘Coz you can come up with an original idea. You can figure out a story. You can pound out pages and end up with script. And that means you are in control. That story is yours. You own it. There’s nothing to get in the way of you typing FADE IN to you typing FADE OUT.
We can not control actors and their moods.
We can not control directors and their visions.
We can not control studios hiring and firing.
We can not control “creative differences.”
We can not control a green light turning into a red light.
We can not control a tsunami, hurricane or other act of God smashing our sets.
We can not control labor strikes.
We can not control the starlet suddenly falling madly in love with… how shall I put it… a prodigiously amorous producer sending her swooning over the moon, which pisses off her numbnutz co-star who had the hots for said hottie, plunging him into a funk and the production into hiatus.
Okay, that was a bad career choice. But my loins still tingle from that particular belly ride.
Where was I? Okay, yeah. The thing is we can’t really control a movie. It’s like a roller coaster on crack without the tracks. But you? You can write any goddammed thing you want. You have that freedom, that creativity, that power to make a story.
And we hate that.
I tried writing a script once. Some thieves, they’re gonna break into a bank, right. But instead of robbing the joint, they gotta return the cash. Or something like that, I can’t remember. Whatever the hell it was, I thought the idea was hot shit. And I was talking to Eddie’s people, Rodney’s people, Whoopi’s people, everybody pumped. Action comedy ensemble. Pure gold.
So I say, “Hey, it’s my idea, why the hell don’t I write it?” I fiddled with it here, futzed with it there, then went away to Palm Springs and locked myself up for a weekend to pound out Act One. I was completely convinced this was a smash.
Did a table reading. Invited Eddie’s people, Rodney’s people, Whoopi’s people. You know, give ‘em a taste of this hot throbbing hit. Sure that would lock ‘em into the project and next stop? Box office champ!
Not one laugh. Zero. Deadsville.
They despised it. I mean actively, big-time repulsed by my ever single word. Rodney’s people? I kid you not, they changed their goddammed phone number on account of that crap draft just so I couldn’t reach ‘em.
I was blinded by my own bull shit. The thing is, I can tell you what’s wrong when it’s your story. But when it’s my story, I don’t know squat. One of life’s great mysteries, but there it is.
That’s why we sit where we sit, and you sit where you sit. We can’t write. You can. And that pisses us off. ‘Coz the fact is, we need you.
So guys, whenever you’re in a meeting with a studio exec or a producer, after the assistants Chad or Ashley have delivered your bottled water, after all the opening chit-chat and schmoozing and blowing smoke and what-not, you gotta realize the people smiling and nodding their heads at you…
Secretly we loathe you.
‘Coz you can write a story. And we fucking can’t.
The Business of Screenwriting is a weekly series of GITS posts about living life as a screenwriter in Hollywood. Max Millimeter is a veteran filmmaker and known around town as “Hollywood Movie Producer Extraordinaire.” Today’s Max Fact: Favorite actress? Hedy Lamarr. “Are you kidding me? I’m watching ‘Ziegfield Girl’ and I’m losing my mind over this gal. To this day, every movie I see, I’m hoping and praying to see the next Hedy Lamarr.”
[Originally posted August 2, 2012]