Thursday, November 29, 2012

The world said big "YES" to the "state" of Palestine

 Yes, it is a sweet road to recognition that the Palestinians feel tonight when the whole world said yes to 
Palestine to create its own state with sovereignty

Only one country that unfortunately opposes UN recognition is The US and some countries that are under pressure of Obama administration. This certainly isolates United States and Israel .However, in the nearest future The U S A will learn to deal with Palestinians with dignity and sovereignty.

Palestinians deserve to have their state and Jerusalem its capital .Israel, being more isolated will have to go to negotiations with new rules especially if Palestine reunited under again.

Abou Jihad will be happy to hear this news and also other people  like Sheikh Yasssine, George Habach , Abu Nidal and more others.

Palestine and Israel will have to think one everlasting state governed by Palestinians and Israelis .Why not, this is a dream of many like Edward  Said and others .Occupation must vanish for ever and democracy prevails but not the democracy based on criminality that is practiced by Israelis .

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Taher ALWAN awards Allal via Baghdad

                    Arrived by a handsome plane from Iraq to Rabat via France, the attestation of the jury prize which was given to Allal El Alaoui in Baghdad Film festival by handsome jury spearhead by Herbert Gehr- Producer: Germany, Oula izziden –Script writer & Professor: Egypt, Adnan schamat –Actor: Syria and Awatif Naiem – Theatre Director: Iraq.

                   The paper of Biff attestation reminds me of that firts good Chinese paper also used by Moroccan kings and queens and by diplomats resided inherently in our Sherifian capital.The attestation handed by Alwan is as beautiful as Iraq0

                                            The Jury Prize goes to:

                                                  “The Will” by Allal El Alaoui from Morocco

The Jury wants to specially mention The Will from Morocco as a film that tells an archaic story, from a filmmaker that has developed a strong aesthetic style

Monday, November 26, 2012

Al wassia chosen in Kalaat Sraghna film festival

             Kalaat Srghnaa is organizing its third session of the national cinematic day gathering young filmmakers and creators from the kingdom of Morocco.

            This event is a special film meeting where all Moroccan film makers via creation of short film category will compete to choose best films this year 2012. Kalaat Sraghna cinematic third edition will be spearheaded by as jury, film critic Mohamed chwika and it pays homage to his brother, Driss chwika.

             The festival Organizes the third session of the film days with a view to the culmination of their work and contribute to the dissemination of film culture within among young people, and support innovators in the field of cinema, while ensuring continuity of the transition from hobby to professional, and thus contribute to the development of quality and quantity.
Under the slogan:

"Youth Cinema and its role in human development"

From 13 to 16 December 2012 Culture House Castle Kalaat Sraghna Association .

لائحة الافلام المشاركة في الدورة الثالثة للأيام السينمائية بقلعة السراغنة 2012

Monday, November 05, 2012

Mohamed Ismail awards Allal El Alaoui in Salé

 "Al Wassia" is an Arabic name literary means in English The will. It is a short film, drama genre, is well performed by a Sahara voice called Mohammed Achich whose nostalgic song echoes beautiful and golden dunes of Moroccan desert.

The will written and directed by Allal El Alaoui, an archaic story performed by professional actors and actresses, is continuously welcomed around the world and awarded by national short film festivals such as Salé short film festival whose jury headed by Mohamed Ismail nicely impressed by Allal's craft and also "the will"  will   be introduced to  international film festivals namely Baghdad Film festival  ( see the jury prize ) and soon Arab film festivals.

 Now it is going to be seen by Moroccan cinema – goers whose taste is great and they are impatient to discover this well constructed plot of "Al Wassia" already shot in Zagora, a beautiful town in the south of Morocco .The will is graciously   played by a passionate Sheikh betrayed by his wife and because he has a beautiful soul and he willingly tolerates his wife. So, Sheikh forgives her along with his cousin condemned to exile in deep Sahara because of his Attempt to commit Murder.