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The jury prize goes to Allal El Alaoui in Baghdad


The Jury Prize goes to:
 “The Will” by Allal El Alaoui from Morocco
The Jury wants to specially mention The Will from Marocco ,as a filmmaker that tells an archaic story, from a filmmaker that has developed a strong aesthetic style.

 The Long Fiction Film Competition

First Prize goes to “Otelo Burning” by Sara Blecher from South Africa.

The Jury Prize goes to “Alzheimer” by Ahmad Reza Motamedi from Iran.

The Short Drama Film Competition

First Prize goes to “Brothers” by Adil El Arabi & Bilall Fallah from Belgium/Morocco.

Second Prize goes to “Little King” by Socrates Alafouzos from Greece

Third Prize goes to “Dura Lex” by Anke Blondé from Belgium.
The Jury Prize goes to:
“The Will” by Allal El Alaoui from Morocco
“Cold January” by Romany Saad from Egypt

The Documentary Film Competition

First Prize goes to “Dust. The Great Asbestos Trial” by Niccolò Bruna and Andrea Pranstraller from Italy, Belgium and Switzerland.
Second Prize goes to “Katka” by Helena Trestikova from the Czech Republic
Third Prize goes to “Happiness…promised land” by Laurent Hasse from France.
Jury Prize goes to:
“Cultures of Resistance” by Lara Lee from Congo, Palestine, Iran, Nigeria, Burma, Colombia, Rwanda, Syria, Liberia, Lebanon, Brazil, USA.
“Italy: Love it or Leave it” by Luca Ragazzi& Gustav Hofer from Italy/Germany.
“Face the Wall” by Stefan Weinert by Germany/Luxembourg.

The Human Image Competition

First Prize goes to “The well – Water Voices from Ethiopia” by Paolo Barberi and Riccardo Russo from Italy

Second Prize goes to “The virgin, the copts and me” by Namir Abdel Messeeh from France.

Third Prize goes to “Foreign” by Miriam Fassbender from Germany.

Jury Prize goes to:

“Other Europe” by Rosella Schillaci from Italy.
“Five stars existence” by Sonja Lindén from Sweden/Finland.

Arab Women Filmmakers Competition

First Prize goes to “The Road to Paradise” by Uda Benyamina from Morocco/France.

Second Prize goes to “Dawn” by Nadine Salib from Egypt.

Third Prize goes to “Beiroot” by Chloé Mazlo from Lebanon/France

Jury Prize goes to: “The Last Hour” by Roua Nazar Alazzawi from Iraq.

Jury Prize for best Actor goes to: Nada Aboud for her performance in “Teta” by Merva Faddoul from Lebanon.

New Horizons Film Competition (Iraqi Filmmakers)
First Prize goes to: “Another Side” by Bqir Jassim Alrubaie.

Second Prize goes to: “Thesis” by Ather Abdulhusien.

Third Prize goes to: “A wish” by Mazin Munthir.

Jury Prize goes to:
“Bicycle” by Razgar Husien.
“Grill” by Sarbast Redha.

Prize for Best Director goes to: “Side Effect” by Hassan Quasim.

Prize for Best Scenario goes to: “Interview” directed by Asaad Al Hilaly.

Prize for Best Cinematography goes to: The Pomegranate blood” by Owat Othman.

Prize of Appreciation goes to:
“The Human” by Mashella Muhammadi.
“Girl” by Binz Shekhany.
“Allies behind our house” by Shelen Saady.

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