Saturday, May 14, 2011

A letter to Shakira

Dear Shakira

God surely loves you. He has given you beauty, talent and fame. That is wonderful and we think you merit it because we think you are an angel. Your agent has signed a contract to come to Morocco with Mawazine 2011. We say you are very welcome. But, please think with the passing years and age, Shakira, you will certainly come back to Morocco and say to yourself, i should have listened to my heart. Look at these innocent orphans, look at these young innocent people who live under difficult life without hospitals or money.

Our government with shrewd thoughts ,when you finish your number to sing in Mawazine 2011, it might bring you with some dirty politicians to Mountains just to say to the world that you are still that ambassador of poor and marginalized persons .However, we want you, dear Shakira not to participate in this event because our nation needs your boycott. We do not have true MPs nor true politicians to say No to Mawazine but we have simple people who stand still and say No .The reason of this negation is that this money of Mawazine 2011 could go to education and hospitalization and save millions of pregnant women who live in far mountains without any support of our government .Yes, it is a shame that a pregnant woman like Khira who has already implored you not to come to sing , died last week because she has walked about 80 miles on foot to deliver her baby and she just could not find one small hospital in Atlas mountains to save herself and her baby. She at the end dies .How could we sing and dance your Waka Waka in Mawazine 2011 on millions of dead women and children in Morocco?