Thursday, January 27, 2011

Black Pearl of Morocco,Larabi Ben Barek by Driss el Mrini

The director Idriss El Marini monitors cinematically the path of a football legend of Morocco and the Arab world late Haj Larabi Benbarek, which featured much of the tender, suffering and selflessness.

Driss as a director tries to reveal a journey of a Black Pearl (1917 / 1992), from the thirties to the fifties of the last century, the stage where Larabi Benbarek wrote his name in golden letters in the history of world football.

He was behind the completion of this work, the director says Marini, fascinated by his character, "Black Pearl" and the moral and determination, strong determination of Sisyphus to succeed, hewed patiently international fame and became of the finest football players and biggest names that have taken root in the collective memory. The objective behind this work, completed much of love and nostalgia, says El Marini told MAP on the sidelines of the paragraphs of the National Festival for the film in Tangiers , "Fighting forgetfulness, apathy and consolidate a culture of recognition of the Moroccan genius."

Monday, January 24, 2011

Experimental movies close to the absurd

Foto by Essafi al Khammaer

'I never went for the world of surreal and satirical Theatre , and when I turned to the cinema that has retained this method, which aims to break the traditional image that was born and grew up in the Moroccan Theatre .

In my films I tried to keep my theatrical style, any access to the public through the
ironic and surrea atmosphere l so do not fall into the direct, which I think that the spectator knew years ago, a method of exercise, such as football, with oversight by the understanding of the attitudes in the movies direct traditional, and this does not mean I escape from reality '.

Experimental film close to the absurd

The Nabil Lahlou approach to the cinema from the world of theater, is an author and actor and director, the way an artist approaching the absurd, many of the experiences of the play, including 'Ophelia is not dead', a play, which will employ the Moroccan Film some scenes in his film masterpiece, 'Ibrahim Yash' which was produced in 1983.

Film 'Ibrahim Yash' class once he was out to the hall Moroccan movie that belongs to the so-called by some film critics cinema Alvantstic or 'fantasy', means 'Yash' a word belonging to the Moroccan dialect cough, if what has been translated into classical Arabic, it means Why?
Adopted director Nabil Lahlou, in his film 'Ibrahim Yash' in terms of the language of dialogue in classical Arabic which is spoken by all the heroes of the film, and so chose Nabil Lahlou title 'locally' for the film succeeds in that makes heroes who speak Arabic is correct and understandable, weave Nabil Lahlou to dramatically smooth .

'Alqnfodi' ... Was the first rain, and followed by other films

Nabil Lahlou was born in 1945 in Fez, and studied
dramatic art at school 'Charles Dolan' Peoples Theatre at the University of France, in the early years of the seventies will examine Nabil Lahlou the stage for material requested in Algeria, and also collaborated with the Algerian National Theatre. After his return to Morocco , Nabil Lahlou continues to write and direct his plays in French and Arabic, and also he will go to the cinema, and cinema is characterized by Nabil Lahlou being private cinema, so that was adopted in the production of most of his films on the self-potential and abilities.

Nabil Lahlou, produced and directed Sinmah texts himself and played the main role in most of them.

Out through his cinema career rogue seven films, the latest film 'Tabeth or non-
Tabeth ' is about a case for a general view of a corrupted policeman in Morocco . Other productiuons are ' the Governor-General 'in 1980, and the' Ibrahim Yash 'in 1984, and the' braying Spirit 'in 1984, and' Kumani 'in 1989, and was the first of his films, which is signed by the film' Alqonfode 'in 1978, and in 1992 directed the film' night of the murder ', and in 2002 will come out of the film' years of exile '.

In his shocking
'Tabeth or non-Tabeth ' I think, dealt with theater director Nabil Lahlou issue of public opinion, and in a manner Fantasy reference n an experimental method based on alienation.

He restores the film
'Tabeth or non-Tabeth ' scandal, the intelligence officer, Brigadier General Mustafa Thabet, dating back to the early nineties, an issue that the security official involved in the crimes of sexual assault, and hired feisty Nabil Lahlou pretext for the prosecution of a successful society, theater and film narrative.

Growing excitement as was the hero of the scandal star of the stars of art or politics, is charged with 'Tabeth'' and then executed after being found guilty on charges of indecent assault of several women through violence and rape with being portrayed on tape against the morality and ethics, using the threat of weapons once the influence of post authoritarian again.

Director Nabil Lahlou returned a controversial figure to life in the '
'Tabeth or non-Tabeth ' ' that first display, display on the screen of the Mohammed V Theatre in Rabat, amid protests by the widow of Brigadier General, which had earlier threatened to sue the director before Moroccan courts if was bad or well for the story of her husband.

Nabil Lahlou diagnostic of Moroccan cinema

Nabil Lahlou sticks for volunteers,who refuses to get carried away or fall into the arms of the choir directors Wave film current benefit today of public money through a fund to support film production in Morocco to make films and the size of 'to have the case', is the same Nabil Lahlou, which often upset and angered his colleagues in the craft of cinema, directors, producers and representatives of the filmmakers, Boukrjath seismic information and statements press firearms, often repeating this feisty director his most famous 'today Khei not Keder cinema'.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Said Azar brings mysterious wind to cinema" Samt Rih"

Said Azar enters the world of cinema. Written by Abdellah Damoun, he himself has tweaked the script for his first work produced by the SNRT (RTM) and whose budget is in the order of 900,000 dirhams ¹.

Embodied by a host of talented actors ¹ "Samt arrih" tells the story of a small village where people are immortal.

This is science fiction, pure and simple. It is full inside. Time stops in a village. The inhabitants are all reduced to immortality. By the happiest of coincidences, a daughter (Sanaa Akroud) arrives. Once the origin of this curse discovered and the secret hole, it will only frustrate the. "It's a universal story that is nowhere," says the director. He added: "The idea is original. She questioned me a lot. And to embellish even more, I reworked the script and I removed all the real elements namely time and space to put the spotlight on human value of this fiction. "

Alongside the actress Sanaâ Akroud whose profile matches perfectly with the role and whose talent is undeniable, there will Hicham Bahloul, Raouia, Mohamed Mehdi Wazzani, Lmesnaoui Abdou, Mohamed El Yazidi, Khouloud and others.

The shooting took place ¹ s in the northern mountains, between Tetouan and Fnideq, in a village called "Wad lil '. This choice is not fortuitous n ¹, says the director. According to him, "this village has all the ingredients necessary to make this movie. Especially because during filming, there was very windy and it was necessary to make the unreal life and give this village a legendary vision in accordance with the idea of the film. There is also a beautiful and unique landscape. All of which have amplified the magical effect of making of this film. "

Although this | representative works his first film, Said Azar, is not his first attempt. He has already recorded some work with SICTOM "Sir Hta tji.

He moreover directed several television shows including "Al mafatih Assab" on TVM, the famous program "The Traveler" and "al-Hada massa'e" among others.

Said studied film. The film world is not it, therefore, not abroad.

One of the founders of the video clip in Morocco has forged his experience directing music videos namely "Houriya", "Lan ansa" Youness Megri, video clip of the song "Gadan" Soumia Abdelaziz. The film "The Silence of the Wind" is that ¹ culmination of his film career. For him, "was a dream that I am stubborn to realize. There are twenty years I wanted to do. Initially, it was not possible. Now I managed to make it happen. "

This determination does not prevent ¹ s to be aware that the path is riddled with pitfalls ¹. "I think my place is in the cinema. The road will it be easy or not? I don ¹ t know. This will be defined by several elements. Must await the public reaction and others to judge, "he says wisel

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Performing Hamlet in Morocco.

Hi everybody
My name is Allal El Alaoui,blogger and film maker at Snrt.I am looking for English speaking people whom i can rely to produce a Shahespearean play called Hamlet.These people should master very well English and must love theatre too. I look forward to hearing from you If your English is good enough for an open performance,If you don't have stagefright,and if you think you are able to perform,show and share your potentials;feel free to join us. ARE YOU INTERESSTED?!!!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Snrt team, Allal El Alaoui and Tayeb Rguib on France 5

“Maroc destination” is a film documentary produced by France 5 and SNRT.This film talks about how Morocco becomes a modern country that is surely going toward progress but in soft motion .Moroccans will have the privilege to watch this film in which French and Morocco work together hoping to please Moroccan TV –goers that will enjoy to see mystical cities like Tangiers ,Essaouira,Fes Rabat and Casablanca .

Maroc vu du ciel by Dennis Dummel and Xavier Lefedvre is an amazing film documentary filmed in 6 or 7 major cities of Morocco.French and Snrt team have gathered through brilliant techniques of camera realisation to reveal a beautiful aspect of Morocco.This film is based on narration through cineflex camera driven by Moroccan helicopter - gendarmes and brilliant Snrt team whose love of reportage and filming is great .It is about Allal El Alaoui (Al Oula ) and Taeb Rguib ( Al Rabia) .