Saturday, May 15, 2010

Proposed solutions to rush to cinema halls across Morocco

On the axis of missing cinema halls in the kingdom of Morocco, Too many cinema-goers and civil associations try to seek what are the mechanism as to how to reconstruct cinema halls in Moroocco . First , there comes the interview done by the Journal of the Socialist Party.Second it comes the statement of Nour eddine Sail, The Director of the Moroccan Cinematographic Centre "CCM" on January 28, 2010, and the third one by the magazine Tel Quel with Saad Chraibi in number 13 to 19 February 2010.

In this regard, Sail suggests the following:

* Retrieve all the rooms in small towns, and through the involvement of municipal councils and groups and urban counties in the reform process.

* Work to transform the major movie theaters to a group of rooms (tonnage 150 seats), to do this process with the State, in the form of the process of production.

* Create a vehicle in the form of cinema halls similar to Casablanca and Marrakech.

* Create a national fund to invest in this area.

Saad Chraibi’s solutions are:

* Equip the vehicles existing cultural mechanisms of the country's cinemas financial cover worth 35 million dirhams to view the Moroccan films within the framework of partnership between the Department of Communication and the Ministry Culture and elected councils on the other.
* Deduct the amount of ten million dirhams a year from the atmosphere of money allocated to support film production and allocation for the renewal of five rooms each year.

* Resume the program underlined the year 2002 by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, stalled in 2005, the judge processing mechanisms, the role of youth offer is not responsible for the circulation seen through CD-ROMs.

* Sign a partnership agreement between the Ministry of Communication .

* Adoption of the tax on every 5 dh CD-ROM importer (30 million tablets a year) will offer this procedure in the case of activated approximately 150 million dirhams a year.

* To encourage private investment in this area.

* Study the possibility of the involvement of major economic institutions in building special rooms, as available on some major institutions such as the Centre for the phosphate-Sharif and some foreign cultural centers.

* Encourage and support clubs to watch movies for the sake of youth and educational institutions.