Monday, May 17, 2010

Moroccan cheaters online by Mohamed Moncef EL Kadiri

Cheaters is popular everywhere in the world.It is a phenonema that no governement could avoid to talk about. Our Young people just do it nowadays and it is a fact that nobody can deny apart from may be politicians .Here is an interesting cinematic work directed by Mohammed Moncef El Kadiri .It is a quite convincing short film showing a caracturistic portrait of cheaters and their funny ways to succeed.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Proposed solutions to rush to cinema halls across Morocco

On the axis of missing cinema halls in the kingdom of Morocco, Too many cinema-goers and civil associations try to seek what are the mechanism as to how to reconstruct cinema halls in Moroocco . First , there comes the interview done by the Journal of the Socialist Party.Second it comes the statement of Nour eddine Sail, The Director of the Moroccan Cinematographic Centre "CCM" on January 28, 2010, and the third one by the magazine Tel Quel with Saad Chraibi in number 13 to 19 February 2010.

In this regard, Sail suggests the following:

* Retrieve all the rooms in small towns, and through the involvement of municipal councils and groups and urban counties in the reform process.

* Work to transform the major movie theaters to a group of rooms (tonnage 150 seats), to do this process with the State, in the form of the process of production.

* Create a vehicle in the form of cinema halls similar to Casablanca and Marrakech.

* Create a national fund to invest in this area.

Saad Chraibi’s solutions are:

* Equip the vehicles existing cultural mechanisms of the country's cinemas financial cover worth 35 million dirhams to view the Moroccan films within the framework of partnership between the Department of Communication and the Ministry Culture and elected councils on the other.
* Deduct the amount of ten million dirhams a year from the atmosphere of money allocated to support film production and allocation for the renewal of five rooms each year.

* Resume the program underlined the year 2002 by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, stalled in 2005, the judge processing mechanisms, the role of youth offer is not responsible for the circulation seen through CD-ROMs.

* Sign a partnership agreement between the Ministry of Communication .

* Adoption of the tax on every 5 dh CD-ROM importer (30 million tablets a year) will offer this procedure in the case of activated approximately 150 million dirhams a year.

* To encourage private investment in this area.

* Study the possibility of the involvement of major economic institutions in building special rooms, as available on some major institutions such as the Centre for the phosphate-Sharif and some foreign cultural centers.

* Encourage and support clubs to watch movies for the sake of youth and educational institutions.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Filming our planet via Cineflex.

The Cineflex, used for the Planet Earth series, provides amazingly smooth aerial video footage. Our extensive helicopter filming experience, in-house Cineflex camera operators, tech support and years of location work deliver successful projects in extreme environments.

"DADA DOUDI" at Moroccan cinema theatres.


Réalisation : ALI IDRISS
Genre : Comédie
Durée du film : 90 minutes.

Synopsis Film: DADA DOUDI

Des difficultés matérielles amènent Doudi à des actes hors de la morale qui vont défaire sa vie, peu à peu. Elle vit du vol des téléphones mobiles jusqu’à ce qu’elle se trouve impliquée dans une affaire de meurtre. Elle s’enfuit à Alexandrie où elle est obligée de travailler comme nourrice de six enfants.
Malgré une tension inattendue qui se manifeste entre elle et ces terribles enfants qui vont essayer de lui compliquer la vie, elle s’en tirera d’affaire à travers une série de péripéties fantastiques qui se déroulent dans des situations comiques



Monday, May 03, 2010

Mohammed Abed Al-Jabiri is dead.

Muhammad Bokhozar

Announce the death by surprise, Moroccan thinker, Mohammed Abed al-Jabri, has remained studiously late on writing, careful and systematic to provide the platforms are deployed in the Arab Mashreq,

After distancing himself from writing in the Moroccan press, which is one of the developers and writers bright over the decades, during the engagement to the core, in the midst of political and party life that did not earn them any material benefit or functional, although it was a "typewriter", which provided the Socialist Union of Popular Forces, and before the National Union, venerate the literature, which has given the party's independent intellectual identity.

There is no ideological background document issued by "the Socialist Union" did not prejudice of the hallmarks of the strong-Jabri. Has remained so until his retirement from political activity, which left him shocked, disappointed hopes, and return to the sources thought the net, what enabled him to complete his philosophical ambition, which earned him praise and honors, awards and pay tribute to the intellectual forums and academic bright and Maghreb, after the printed course "struggle" of adversity and suffering in any way affected his health as he was known among his friends that he was suffering from a disease, the most difficult high blood pressure, which affects other tissues and functions in the body. And increased the suffering of the Al-Jabri, on a psychological level, it's like it, "Desert Nomad" net Copyright clean conscience, refuses to bargaining and intrigues and maneuvers of small, but in the corresponding human consensus and the political alliances necessary compatible with the founding principles of the party. Tgeort longing in the political trend of "pragmatism" with the form of romantic quiet revolution.

And impressive in the biography "Abed" which lost Morocco painfully, Asamith unique, is that the boy the poor, the immigrant oases "Figuig" barren, forgotten on the borders of Morocco east to the city of Casablanca, the capital of Morocco's economic, the beginning of the fifties of the last century, to join to a group of people in his town, led by ambition to acquire knowledge, sharing of poverty and alienation from your family.

Self-made and will continue in the broad sense, inherent in all phases of the life-Jabri fertile generous, a believer will challenge that can spit the stone as they say, if maintained faith in the desire for change and reform. It's the same goals and ideals which found Gabri at the thought of the National Movement of Morocco, affected by what was surging in the Arab Mashreq doctrines and streams, and sects, sought as a whole, although by different routes and routes and references to the unity of the Arab nation, progress and emancipation from all forms of colonial domination.

Has not embraced the establishment of academic Gabri in the Levant and particularly in Syria, a lot, but he grasped the whole, the literature of socialist thought, popular in the beginning of the sixties throughout the Levant, at the hands of a national thought leaders in the draw, like a bright and exclusive Zaki Alorsozi and Michel Aflaq.

Gabri, but did not echo them in that stage of intellectual development, but he keeps his voice sincere and critical mind, who grew up with him. Weave for himself, whose party believes in collective action, a method of political writing is built on hard work, on the one hand, and clarity in explaining the ideas and bring it closer to the mind of the recipient, reader, he or fighter partisan, in the form of linguistic smooth avoid always smugness and mystification as well as exaggerations boned.

The tendency of education and the desire to impress people, it will become with the passage of time and intellectual maturity and life experience and completeness, one of the distinguishing marks on the track, but the dominant thought in the apartment when Gabri philosophical and political. No one could argue among students of philosophy that distinction, one of the few who have internalized the thought Alveslvi Western Odmjoh honestly and smoothly in the system of the Arab Thought; not approach "spin" and claim that everything that exists in the Arab world, but through the accountability of the roots and origins of this latter, and re-installed, construction and updating if they accept the rehabilitation.

Although some of the criticisms of form addressed to Gabri in this regard, by those who Sagloh and disagreed with him in the Arab Mashreq, these "imperfections" simple can not in any way, reduce the Shumookh edifice intellectual built by Al-Jabri, his effort hard, During the course of intellectual record, including marked its jurisprudence, innovations and leadership in addressing some of the phenomena, without a muzzle or the obstinacy of opinion, but not known Gabri escape from the debate, but his quest to recognizing the error in the event that he found it. We have been able to reformulate the thought, the Arab mind in a logical coherent system of parts and joints.

It would be absurd to reduce the thought Gabri in this elegy, which has been and is burning to the moment to meet his Lord. All I want to recall the pages in his career, although he was himself God's mercy, have facilitated the task of any student or analyst will come after him, without it in the form of notes and Astrjaat, the most important events in his life, especially his experience in the thicket of political partisanship.

There is no doubt that Al-Gabri pay attention to the disease "chronic inertia" that has made political Moroccans defer writing their memoirs left behind even death, where benefit anguish and pain.

Gabri lived an epic struggle, in every sense of the word, in the ranks of the Patriotic Union and the socialist, including attraction of operatives, the first and second, the ideas and currents of radical and populist ambitions, and conflicting, divisions and failures and tragic conflict. But what upset most is the dispersion of comrades, stretched each other in what is accidental and transitory, at the expense of the strategic option of any party machine building on solid foundations so as not to stop spinning if they hit an obstacle verse.

In this context, the writings of Jaberi in the Party press and publications, heavy and varied greatly. Addressed all issues and organizational and political crises experienced by the Socialist Union, which in a sense the "conscience" that the leftist grouping significant shares dropped in recent years, as a result of turbulence and volatility of the stock market and policy environment.

It is certainly sad the torch on the fate of the party that replaced a generation "fighters historic" a generation of managers.

We do not know if late may collect the papers and arranged and classified in particular that do not bear his signature, or did he deal with fuel fueled the flame of the struggle.

In general, the late, great, admirable on many levels. At the intellectual level carved his name by persistently and diligence among the talented, the Arabs a lot of knowledge and is pleased to Arab readers, through the works of the major written. Perhaps the famous intellectual in the East comparable to what it is in their homeland, who took the political aspect in Jabri except academic circles.

At the level of political practice, he knew how late battling currents within the Socialist Union, but striking paradox in this area Gabri intellectual, always aligned to a row of resistance and the liberation army. Never forgot virtue of the national movement to fold, leaving a poet so the historic debt. Hence, the "automatic alliance" with one of the symbols of resistance, "Abdel Rahman Al-Youssefi," who led the historical experience of reconciliation with the political system of the royal palace. A position of the late King Hassan II, who has some pictures Gabri that militants in the party.

No one can deny the role played by intellectual Gabri to convince the "Tangerine" to accept the offer, King Hassan II, who coined the famous article on "historical bloc" which brought the royal palace of the Moroccan resistance against French occupation.

Away, "Gabri" its position in the party leadership, did not stop him to continue supporting the rotation of political experience in his country. If he had been hit by the disappointments of the results of the experiment, it is not less than that felt by his companion, Abdul Rahman Al-Youssefi, with the difference that I had set off anger in the writing, while Odmr second grief that exploded one day in the political bureau of the party, he left the boat and its occupants . did not disclose what's inside but in a famous lecture in Brussels, considered by some as similar to self-criticism formulated by the Mahdi Benbarka supergroup in his book "The Choice" Revolutionary.