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Filming anthropoligical Oulad Amrane in Doukkala.

Evey Moroccan is a Doukkali or somehow runs in his or her blood some Doukkali typical characteristics.Doukkala-Abda is in the centre of Morocco and is a land known of its fertility like a beautiful Greek Goddess, otherwise like Shiva the merciful Indian Goddess whose hands are bound to give for the sake of some live species called the human beings.

No doubt Doukkala-Abda has been a sacred place for writers,adventures,peasants and course anthropoligists .Doukkala is named proudly the mouth of Morocco because, being a fertile land ,has managed to feed millions of Morocans.This fact urges Malika Hatim,a SNRT journalist,dig into the deep roots of doukkala in order to introduce through the image, fertility via a typical wedding from a “Douwar”, a small village called Oulad Amrane (in arabic : - اولاد عمران,- situated on your way to Youssoufia,neighborned majestically by some honorable irrigation zone tribes belonging to Al Jadida province namely Sidi Benour ,Laaraya, Laghndra ,Ouled Sbaita ,Sania Berreguig ,Gharbia ,Oualidia, Oulad Frej, Khmis Zemamra ….

Hatim has done her anthropological search about this little town because the irea is not only rich of its rituals and traditions ,but it is also illuminated and benidicted by its Sufi Sheik Mohammed Ben Taib Al Bouazzaoui whose disciple was Moulay Bouchaib Addoukkali, an honourable and spiritual Sufi himself well respected by Moroccans especiallly Doukkalis .

Doukkalis are beautiful people, harsh talking, but hard like their land and soft and fertile just like their women. They are known to have a solid stomach .They can proudly eat couscous after having devoured extra food referring to a Moroccan saying ”Doukka Wakkala fisma Rekkala “ .Globalisation has not affected them too much apart from some catgets referring to PCs,mobiles and sattelile dishes favouring only to listen to some typical Moroccan music naming forexample , belly dancers group called ِاChikhate,Dakka Haouzya,Dakka Kharboucha, Hasbaoui etc .,their style of wearing handsome “Djallabas”,”Ghandouras” or “Selhams” come from their resepcted Sheik ,Moulay Bouaazaoui; an elegant illuminator and smart leader .Unlike other Sheiks and Sufis who wore shabby clothes ,Moulay Bouaazzaoui put on nice clothes which has tremendous impact on simple peasants and fortunate doukkalis.By the way ,horses are lovable animals in this region.

SNRT ,with great devotion and light of intelligence, accepts to produce Malika ‘s project on Oulad Amrane.It is a story of a typical wedding in Doukkala gathering two young Doukkalis ,just met within spontaneity and later get married in a romantic way passing through magnificent rituals using sacred elements like milk ,bread, Hannah, dates and sugar. These items are used in traditional weddings in order to chase evil from fertility.
Artistically speaking, the job how to transfer this story into the image is a job of Mohammed Ben Ramadane and his technical crew .Ben Ramadane is the director of this documentary-fiction project titled Alhawdaj which is a 52 minutes length.

Professionally speaking ,Mohammed Ben Ramadane was a truquiste editor , first recruited in SNRT ex - RTM in 1991 .Although he was primed by some Canada festival "LE PARTAGE DES EAUX" working with MAJID RECHICH ,he was obliged to go to Dubai television holding, because that time in Morocco, national television was governed by police .Freedom of speech was restricted and was not too much respected.Some technicians criticise this choice of Ben Ramdane, although he has the charisma of a smart metteur en scène, besides he has an interesting cultural background, the fact he has realized too many artistic programmes either locally or intenrantionally,others like myself praise this choice because they see in Mohammed the right guy to fulfil the artistic mission because simply it is a matter of trust and intuition . Good Luck.

Allal El Alaoui

Alhawdaj crew

Director : Mohammed Ben ramdane.
Writer : Malika Hatim.
First assistant-director : Allal El Alaoui.
Second assistant –director : Said Laaroussi
First cameraman : Abdessalem El Mansourri
Cameraman: Said Sriti.
Sound technician : Aziz Laamrichi.
Production executive : Rashid Mhani
Salah Eddine
Production designer : Dahman
Dirctor of Photogarphy : Mohammed Belmiloudi
Co-ordination : Tehami Sertali
Production : SNRT

الاسم بالاتينية اسم المدينة أو الجماعة عدد السكان (إحصاء 2004)
El Jadida الجديدة
Moulay Abdallah مولاي عبد الله
Sidi Bennour سيدي بنور
Azemmour ازمور
Haouzia حوزية
Laghnadra الغنادرة
Bouhmame بو حمام
Saniat Berguig سانية بركيك
Chtouka شتوكة
Sidi Ali Ben Hamdouche سيدي علي بنحمدوش
Oulad Hacine أولاد حسين
Mettouh متوح
Oulad Sbaita أولاد سبايتة
Sidi Ismail سيدي إسماعيل
Lgharbia الغربية
Oulad Ghanem ولاد غانم
Oulad Aïssa ولاد عيسى
Oulad Rahmoune
La ville constitue un centre urbain pour les communes avoisinantes de LAGHNADRA ,Ouled Sbaita ,Sania Berreguig ,Gharbia ,Oualidia ...