Saturday, October 10, 2009

Witty Cameraman called Abdessalem El Manssouri leaving SNRT.

Everybody knows Abdessalem El Manssouri in media in Morocco. a nice guy of vivid imagination of taking pictures either in Tele- films , movies or even cultural programmes.Abdessalem is born in Rabat a place called Twarga where he had his chance to work as a trainee at the palace of former king Hassan second .

Being a professional, Abdessalem believes in dialog either with producers; directors or else .He really gives you the impression that you are working with a precise guy who you can not play with .Abdessalem is talkative all the time and even during filming but he never misses the takes you want. He is a very working hard cameraman .One of things that he impresses me is that he gives you nice pictures of digital camera with nice composition and framing . Abdessalem El Manssouri is leaving SNRT soon because of his age, I mean he is retiring, but who will replace this cameraman of great humour, wit and imagination?

Allal El Alaoui