Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Top Ten Arab film-directors chosen by allal-cinemagoer.

"The Arab cinemas are both the product and the expression of a long and unresolved struggle for the control of the image, for the power to define identity. That identity is clearly rooted in the crossroads of culture of the region, extending as it does between Europe and Black Africa, between the Atlantic and the Arabian Gulf, but also between the city and countryside and desert ... between a colonial past and a nominally independent present."
- film critic Mariam Rosen

This is my Top Ten Arab directors if you diasagree ,do not hesitate to email me for lucid suggestions

1 - Youssef Chahine.
2- Mohamed Lakhdar-Hamina
3- Salah Abu Seif.
4- Chadi Abdessalam.
5- Farid Boughdir
6- Merzak Allouache
7- Ferhati Jilali
8- Nabil Maleh
9- Borhane Alaouie
10 -Merzak Allouache

This is the critics 'Top Ten Directors according to BFI, a film magazine

* 1. Orson Welles
* 2. Alfred Hitchcock
* 3. Jean-Luc Godard
* 4. Jean Renoir
* 5. Stanley Kubrick
* 6. Akira Kurosawa
* 7. Federico Fellini
* 8. John Ford
* 9. Sergei Eisenstein
* 10. Francis Ford Coppola
* 10. Yasujiro Ozu

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