Thursday, July 31, 2008

Patrice lumumba Boy Production, Abderazzak El Houwate.

One of the best clerks of the production at Lumumba street is Abderrazzak El Houwate.He is a very hard working boy and never makes complaints but instead Abderazzak does his job with great enthousiasm and care ,projecting a warm smile out of his thin face .Interestingly, his job consists of bringing confidential files from Patrice lumumba street where the official bureau resides to local administration and sometimes he goes to the main PDG bureau somewhere at Dar El Brihi.

Abderrazak is a f flamboyant boy who fervently enjoys his job very much.Sometimes he brings files that hold too much money but he will never show it off to nosy - closy people who want to sniff money cashes either for themselves or to deliver to press for a cheap scandal, however Abderrazzak 's manner is strict and amazing and he could have been called the trusty chap or simply in Arabic Al Amin and surely the swing he is always doing from Dar El Brihi to Patrice lummba street remains mysterious ,because he knows the dangerous risk that he is facing especially SNRT administration remain fidel to this bizarre way to handle administrative things .

Allal El Alaoui