Friday, June 06, 2008

CCM or Al Jamaa Al Hadariya in Salé risk nothing to buy The Opera House for people ( Cinema l'opera ) owned by El Charkaoui brothers .

The Box office made by CCM in 2003 ,Morocco imported 378 Hindi films , the number of fans were 3 783602 and ticket revenues were 36101026. Although CCM confirms that these stastics are not fully complete , but in 2006 up to june we had 264 Hindi films and ticket revenues were 581800." This applies to Fairouz cinema which is nearly the only cinema that resists to buy copies of hindi films meanwhile U S A movies remain secondary and uninterested by Rabat cinemagoers and bollyphiles apart from those who prefer intelligent cinema .

Moroccan governement just marvel at cinema home theatres on their way to vanish for ever which is an act of indifference and irresponsability .Fairouz cinema still resists to mediocrity of bad moroccan directors in Morocco , it also resists to cabled televisions and i don't think it is the fault of piracy that causes the shut down of cinema theatres ,i think cinemagoers are still looking for cinema of good quality in cinemas . There are very spaceful and wonderful cinemas still to fit in our 21 first century like The Opera House owned by El Charkaoui brothers in Salé .The commune of Salé,( El Jamaa Al Hadariya) could have bought all rights from the family of El Charkaoui to may be save cinephilia of so many people in this millennium town called Salé which eventually will join Rabt to become a cosmopolitan city very soon .

Allal El Alaoui