Sunday, June 22, 2008

Badiaa Rayane, a Moroccan media icon.

Holding a Fassi name, Badiaa Rayane was known of her exquiste speaking at Moroccan television ever since it started at Mohammed Five theatre in 1960.Badiaa was a radio speaker first in 1952,then two years later ,she animated a woman program which she could ot finish because of her will to further studies at a Moroccan University.

Encouraged by her sister who was herself an animater in telvision in 1957,Badiaa was recruted to Moroccan national television .It was her first start at the national television which coincided with its birth in 1960.

During 35 years of experince in television , Badiaa never tired heself especially to speak out national tv program using her soft voice .Afterwards,our lady was suggested to play leading roles in cinema namely in Idriss El Mrini's movie " Babou ' and 'Ayna toukhabiouna achams" and " Rhadan lan tadabalaal ard".

Allal El Alaoui