Sunday, June 29, 2008

In memory of Doncaster College Scawsby in 1984

Yorkshire people are so specific and different .They can be English, Irish, Scotish or multicultural people coming from India , Pakistan Arabs and else e where ,therefore Yorkshire people are intelligent and welcoming .

I know that the south like London has different views on Yorkshire, but the north remains more accurate and warm .Doncaster college remains one of the intellectual meeting of all genre of students.I happen to have O and A levels and i have quite enjoyed my two years with my drama mates ,my birds and my teachers like Ean Watson and others.

Allal El Alaoui

Friday, June 27, 2008

Abdellatif Abdelhamid and Nabil El Maleh in Rabat

Everybody agrees that Syria and Egypt are having a peaceful fighting as far as drama is concerned .However, Moroccan public is well aware of syrian drama because it is beautiful and so noble that it tackles sensitive subjects that the Arab world is undertaking nowadays such as Arab Identity, self reliance , Arabic language and Arab dignity and this resumes in Bab al Hara which is a story about Damascus in the 1930s (

" It portrays the Damascene traditions in the first half of the past century, focusing on values and social relationships, especially between family members.Its sweeping popularity is so remarkable that children in Damascus and other Syrian cities mimic the series' characters during their street errands. The old Damascene dialect used in the series has become trendy among schoolchildren and in office."

wheras Egyptian drama squeezes itself into more melodramatic scenes resumed into more comercial cinema in which the audience feel no more at ease but it just can't find the patience to stay in front of tv sets or silver sceens to wach, states an independent journalist.

Allal El Alaoui

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bilingual people may be interested by film-makers.

Switching languages can also switch personality: study

Tue Jun 24, 11:33 AM ET

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - People who are bicultural and speak two languages may unconsciously change their personality when they switch languages, according to a U.S. study.

Researchers David Luna from Baruch College and Torsten Ringberg and Laura A. Peracchio from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee studied groups of Hispanic women, all of whom were bilingual, but with varying degrees of cultural identification.

They found significant changes in self perception or "frame-shifting" in bicultural participants -- women who participate in both Latino and Anglo culture.

"Language can be a cue that activates different culture-specific frames," the researchers said in a study published in the Journal of Consumer Research.

While frame-shifting has been studied before, they said this research found that people who are bicultural switched frames more quickly and easily than people who are bilingual but living in one culture.

The researchers said the women classified themselves as more assertive when they spoke Spanish than when they spoke English.

"In the Spanish-language sessions, informants perceived females as more self-sufficient and extroverted," they said.

In one of the studies, a group of bilingual U.S. Hispanic women viewed advertisements that featured women in different scenarios. The participants saw the ads in one language - English or Spanish - and then, six months later, they viewed the same ads in the other language.

Their perceptions of themselves and of the women in the ads shifted depending on the language.

"One respondent, for example, saw an ad's main character as a risk-taking, independent woman in the Spanish version of the ad, but as a hopeless, lonely, confused woman in the English version," said the researchers.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Khalid Khachan's lucid work for SNRt trainers.

Now It becomes clear that after a top secret report on conditions of training at SNRt , handed already to the number one in television.The same report has been given to Emmanuel Hoog and to the new comer of the INA ( Institut National de l'audiovisuel ) ,Khalid Khachan must consider his job as a training responsible and see to those who are promoted professionally in their jobs ,professionalism and flexibilty are may be the lonely instruments that Khalid should have to observe his colleagues , states a Tv journalist .

Khalid Khachan comes from an artistic family;his father was a shef - d'orchestre and has worked for SNRT x- RTM for many years along with abdessalem Amer and El Rashedi.However , everybody agrees that Khalid is a decent guy who has marked good points especially he has gone through many different jobs.

The PDG of SNRT has a wide imagination to choose Khalid for this job ,meanwhile Khalid's task is not easy ,he must follow his SNRT agents as far as their professional performances(hope springs in the humain breast ) .

Surprisingly ,Too many INA teachers are asked to go back to France, because of that mysterious report given to INA spearhead meanwhile , according to these teachers "courses given to SNRT technicians are well taught and practiced , but not considerably matched with mentalities of some bureaucrats who oppose fervently the teachings of INA people."The best example goes to tv tools and machinaries mastered by the technical director namely, wild angles recently bought from LTS ( 10.10 mm never given to the direction of production ),sound machines (sophisticated mics still hidden somewhere) ,cranes ( Ultra crane ,Cinejip and Jimmy Jim,,, ) lightings like Chinese balls ,diffuse lightings and more ,,,.

Allal El Alaoui

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Le cinema Marocain en archives or Moroccan cinema in archives .


weblogs :

sitewebs :


16:9 new issue up
A Danish online journal of film studies that is published five times pro anno. The essays, articles, interviews and reviews are primarily in Danish but each issue features an article in English written by a film scholar.
Bright Lights Film Journal new issue up
San Fran mag geared to underground, gay, but also classic films. Issue 56, is now up. The site is well archived, providing relevant links to previous issues that could keep you glued to your monitor.
French language journal written in with the spirit of serious reflections on cinema.
Cantrills Filmnotes
Although out of action, this is the site for the legendary Austra magazine. Committed to experimental film, it contains a handy section listing the contents of every issue.
Cahiers du cinéma updated
New Cahiers site is up.
Cashiers du Cinemart
Zine with an emphasis on cult cinema. Site currently being updated.
Chaos Mag: multi perspectives to meaningful cinema
A quarterly online magazine that aims to create a provocative space to discuss meaningful cinema, in an accessible language, taking an Indian viewer’s perspective, i.e., the world of cinema seen through an Indian angle.
 Online version of this magazine, with sample articles. A film magazine genuinely committed to the relationship between film, art and politics.
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Several articles from the hardcopy edition are available online. Highly recommended.

An exciting and comprehensive Portugese online film journal, divided into five sections: Artigos (articles), updated monthly; Críticas (criticism), current releases updated weekly; Plano Geral, a section devoted to free writing on various topics; Programação (program), which lists the most interesting festival or film programs showing in Brazil; and Arquivo, their archive.
Subtitled “The Journal of Research into New Media Technologies”, this is the web page for the journal, with the contents and abstracts of the hard copy articles.
They no longer have their own website, but the National Library of Australia has archived copies available online.
El Amante
A monthly Spanish-language journal.
Film Comment updated
Online version of the New York magazine, featuring several sample articles from each hard copy issue.
Film International updated 
Bimonthly journal Film International founded in Sweden 1973 as Filmhäftet. They say, “We aim not to be just a scholarly journal, but a new breed of film magazine, mixing established academic film scholars (and other scholars) with renowned film journalists, trying to reach a wider circle of readers. The main focus is on longer essays with in-depth-analysis and interviews. However, there is also an extensive review section on, DVDs and films at the cinema”. Recommended.
Film Ireland Magazine
 A bi-monthly publication with reviews and news on the latest in Irish and world cinema. Excerpts from their hardcopy issues can be read online.
A quarterly journal based in New York that offers news and information on the independent film scene. A few articles from their hardcopy issues are available online.
The Film Journal
 Quarterly online film journal with essays, interviews, and reviews.
Film and Philosophy
Film and Philosophy is a journal that publishes philosophical essays on film. The site also doubles as Editor Daniel Shaw's personal website. A subscription site with content from earlier volumes available online. Volume 2 can still be found here.
A philosophical review of cinema, with a special “email salon” for further dialoguing. So if you're looking for a critical approach / discussion of cinema, this is the site. There's plenty here.
Film Quarterly
The web page of this well-known magazine, includes a list of the contents of all issues. For a subscription fee, you can read articles from their current and back issues here. For free email updates click here.
Here you will find films and videos that transgress the boundaries of the traditional viewing experience, challenge notions of physical perception and provide cutting edge alternatives to the media information technocracy. Site contains information about the films and their filmmakers, images and news about alternative cinema. Updated regularly, highly recommended.
 With new design and articles. Also includes Chabrol and Buñuel tribute pages.
Framework: The Journal of Cinema and Media
Legendary hardcore British magazine's website. Published bi-annually, Framework is an international journal dedicated to plural approaches to film and media. Site contains subscription information and several articles from previous issues are available online. Contents of following issues are also available.
Images: A Journal of Film and Popular Culture
 Online mag that is pretty stunning graphically, as well as providing some good content. Current postings: 'The Fall of Janet Leigh', reviews of recent films and plenty more in its archive section.
A high-end mag, attuned to American indies especially, great with industry news, reports from festivals. Regularly updated.
Intensities: The Journal of Cult Media
A bi-yearly journal that deals with all aspects of cult media – television, film, radio, literary cults and cult authors, new media cults, theorizations of cult media etc. The journal also has a 'Cult Media Review' section that has reviews of books, various conferences and conventions etc. Issue 3 Spring 2003 is a special horror issue.
The Journal of Religion and Film
If you approach cinema from this direction, this is an indispensable site. Also has reviews of recent films.
Jump Cut
No. 47, Winter 2005 has a special section entitled, "Documentary theory, new documentaries, and “contemporary events” fictions". Essays from earlier issues are now online. Recommended.
A semi-annual journal for film and audiovisual media that publishes articles, critiques of film and media literature. The journal's aim is to promote the discussion of history, theory and aesthetics of film and audiovisual media from an international perspective. Several articles from each issue are available online.
Kino eye
 Amazing journal for articles and information on Central and Eastern European film, covering many (obscure) art films. It's updated fortnightly, with between 4 and 10 original pieces on fringe European cinema in every issue.
Updated quarterly, KinoKultura contains reviews, articles and news on Russian cinema.
Millennium Film Journal Although it doesn’t have any of its articles online, the site lists all of the journal’s issues since 1978 which are all available by mail-order. The journal deals with independent, experimental, and avant-garde cinema, video, and, more recently, works that use the newer technologies.
Offscreen updated
A very impressive Canadian site that's been online several years now. Updated regularly with a huge archive of great articles on art and independent cinemas.
 For Spanish-speaking cinephiles, here's an online film journal well worth checking out. (Site currently unavailable...)
A Danish journal of film studies that devotes their March issues to short films.
Proboscis | COIL
A site associated with the English journal Coil, devoted to experimental cinema. A few sample articles available.
Online version of the Australian arts magazine, featuring the film section “OnScreen”.
Reverse Shot : Online new issue up
Bi-monthly online film journal. Issue 19 is now up.
Rouge new issue up
Issue 10 now up. Recommended.
Savage Cinema updated
A bi-monthly publication dedicated to horror cinema. Includes feature articles, reviews and other interesting topics.
Screening the Past new issue up
Latrobe University's film and history online journal. Issue 20 is now up.
Sight and Sound
Online version of this BFI magazine, has several articles from each hard copy issue. Also includes a fully browse-able archive of their online articles.
Synoptique new issue up
New monthly / weekly web journal from Quebec whose main interest is in publishing bilingual and eclectic film criticism, theory and scholarship. Fine design. Recommended.
The Thinking Eye
An online magazine devoted to Latin-American cinema. Available in English, Spanish and some texts in Portuguese.
Vertigo: Independent Film Magazine updated
A quarterly British film magazine. Impressive range of contributors and subject-matter. As well as subscribtions for their print magazine, they also produce a monthly mini-mag available free and exclusively online.
Views Reviews Interviews
A Journal of Cinema and Cultural Theory with a focus on Indian cinema. Although it's the 1999 issue, the articles are still worth reading. Features articles on Kurosawa, Wajda and Brecht.
World Socialist Web Site
A major site for film writing, on art cinema – reviews, festival reports, and more. Regularly updated.

Critics' Pages
24FPS has ceased activity. However, a web archive of all their articles is available online.
HYPERLINK ""David Bordwell's Website on Cinema updated
David Bordwell's homepage. Includes an "Online Essays" section that will be regularly updated.
HYPERLINK ""Fred Camper updated
Chicago Reader critic Fred Camper's page, has essays on experimental figures such as Brakhage and Gehr, but also on others such as Mizoguchi, Welles, de Toth. There is also a thought-provoking listing of “Favorite Filmmakers” – one of the best alternative canons you'll ever see.
HYPERLINK ""Chronicle of a Passion
A number of the sites featured here get updated regularly by their authors, and this is one of the best ones to keep a regular eye on. Home page of New York critic Steve Erickson, with a mammoth archive of reviews of films from recent years, and a special section on French film critic Serge Daney. Includes a great links section which lists the pages of a score of critics worldwide.
HYPERLINK ""Cinema Reviews & Criticism
Harry Marshall's site, a writer from the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall, UK. It includes a growing section dedicated to film reviews and criticsm with a primary focus on the 1920s and 1930s. A series of articles is in progress covering the career of the director and producer, Ernst Lubitsch.
HYPERLINK ""Cinephilia
A Melbourne-based site, it has reviews of films showing around town plus a searchable and browseable database of over 1000 films.
HYPERLINK ""Classic Film and Television
Michael E. Grost's site contains writings on many genres and filmmakers.
HYPERLINK ""deep focus updated
Critic Bryant Frazer's website, full of thoughtful reviews of current and recent releases. Site is well designed. Regularly updated.
HYPERLINK ""Chris Fujiwara: Writing
Great site with links to many of film critic's Chris Fujiwara's writings, an impressive assortment of reviews and essays on a number of genres, films and directors.
HYPERLINK ""Raymond Durgnat
A site dedicated to the late Ray Durgnat. Contains bio and his writings.
HYPERLINK ""Long Pauses updated
A fine looking site with various writings on film and literature.
HYPERLINK ""Movie Diva
North Carolina Museum of Art film curator Laura Boyes' website containing film annotations on classic arthouse and modern classics.
HYPERLINK ""Theo Panayides
Cypriot critic with his own website, full of capsule reviews (of mainly recent films), and a host of Best lists (his own, links to others', etc.). And he has the best ratings system around. Regularly updated.
HYPERLINK ""Gerald Peary updated
Peary's writing is very accessible, highly recommended. Includes reviews, essays and interviews. Regularly updated.
HYPERLINK ""B. Ruby Rich
The legendary feminist author's own website, with excerpts from her work, and several discussion groups.
HYPERLINK ""Jonathan Rosenbaum
This is not, strictly speaking, JR's own page – it's the Chicago Reader's Movie Section. Still, he features prominently, and all the reviews are lengthy and wonderful, with a great archive section also.
HYPERLINK ""Bill Routt
Latrobe Uni academic William D. Routt's home page – a man with a sense of humour and quite varied interests!
HYPERLINK ""Henry Sheehan updated
Film critic Sheehan's site contains film reviews, essays and interviews. His piece, “Seen Any Poor People at the Movies Lately?” discusses film as a class based activity. Definitely one to keep a regular eye on.
HYPERLINK ""Strictly Film School
Neat, loving site by NASA engineer Acquarello, providing a great introduction to and overview of art cinema, featuring directors such as Tarkovsky, Bresson, Chabrol, Leigh, Paradjanov, Sautet, and many others.
HYPERLINK ""The UK Critic This is Ian Waldron-Mantgani's site. Contains articles, links, retrospectives and reviews of UK cinema releases.
HYPERLINK ""Armond White
This is not his personal site, it's a link to the New York Press. His article(s) can be found in the “film” section of the site.
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Screen Organisations/Resources
HYPERLINK ""Anthology Film Archives
Based in New York, it is dedicated to the preservation, study and exhibition of independent and avant-garde film. It is the first museum devoted to film as an art form, committed to the guiding principle that a great film must be seen many times, that the film print must be the best possible, and that the viewing conditions must be optimal.
HYPERLINK ""American Cinemateque
The website for the Amercian Cinemateque at the Egyptian Theatre. Includes program notes and their DVD distribution.
HYPERLINK ""Australian Centre for the Moving Image
ACMI is Australia's first centre dedicated to experiencing, exploring and enjoying the moving image in all its forms. New website.
HYPERLINK ""ACMI Lending Collection
Wanna see a film? If you live in Australia, especially in Victoria, this is where various collections are housed – the ever-expanding ACMI Lending Collection, the National Film and Video Lending Collection, and the French Embassy Collection.
HYPERLINK ""Australian Film Commission
A comprehensive website of Australia's government film organisation with information on the organisation, what services and resources it provides to the film community, and the latest news.
HYPERLINK ""Australian Film Institute
The AFI's website.
HYPERLINK ""Australian Screen Directors Association
Organisation representing the needs and interests of Australian screen directors. Site includes information about membership, the organisation's newsletter and other links.
HYPERLINK ""Australia's Cultural Network
The online gateway to Australian cultural organisations, websites, resources, events and news.
HYPERLINK ""The Production Book
Australian Film and Television Industry directory for crew, suppliers and production information.
HYPERLINK ""British Film Institute
The BFI's homepage, containing info on all their activities (screenings, Sight and Sound magazine, etc.)
HYPERLINK ""Cinématèque Francais
A guide to screenings at and publications of the hallowed Cinémathèque Française (Paris), with extensive programme notes, plus links.
HYPERLINK ""Cinématèque Ontario
The site for this Cinemateque. Also has information on how to purchase their publications.
HYPERLINK ""Cinematore
An Italian cinema search engine.
HYPERLINK ""The European Graduate School
Its faculty members include, Chantal Akerman, Catherine Breillat and David Lynch just to name a few. Here you can find a list of resources on these EGS faculty members.
HYPERLINK ""Film Arts Foundation
FAF is a San Fran-based organisation dedicated to the support of independent film and video makers.
HYPERLINK ""Film Australia updated
A Commonwealth-owned production and distribution company. Its mission is the creation of an audio-visual record of Australian life, through the commissioning, distribution and management of programs which deal with matters of national interest to Australia or illustrate and interpret aspects of Australian life. You can search their titles here. The Film Australia Library now online.
HYPERLINK ""Internet Movie Database
Looking for some info on a film or director? Try this database.
British film organisation (descended from the London Film Co-op among others) set up to preserve and distribute independent film and video. Has a 'featured' section with interviews and reviews.
HYPERLINK ""Media Resource Centre
Adelaide's film centre.
HYPERLINK ""Media Review Query Engine
You can find reviews on almost any film on this database.
HYPERLINK ""Melbourne Cinémathèque
This site offers full program details for the Melbourne and Oz Cinémathèque.
HYPERLINK ""National Library of Australia
If you go to their Pandora archive on HYPERLINK ""this page, you can see archive copies of Senses of Cinema, i.e. with all the old designs of the journal, all the old index pages, etc.
HYPERLINK ""Österreichisches Filmmuseum
The Vienna Film Museum's links page contains links to many international film festivals, archives and databases.
HYPERLINK ""Peripheral Produce
Describing themselves as a “propaganda machine that promotes cinematic endevours”, this group promotes and sells copies of selected short works, organises screenings at random locations and holds an annual documentary and experimemental film festival.
HYPERLINK ""RMIT - AFI Research Collection
The AFI Library has gone through a name change and is now located at RMIT University in Melbourne. The new site includes the online catalogue, new extended opening hours, mailing list details and research services.
Australian director Richard Lowenstein's impressive directory, linking to literally hundreds and hundreds of web pages.
HYPERLINK ""ScreenSound Australia
Dedicated to the collection, preservation and sharing of Australia's screen and sound heritage. The National Collection includes more than one million items and is available for all Australians.
Based in Toronto, V tape is an international distribution, exhibition and resource centre that focusses on the contemporary media arts. Carrying over 2000 titles, V tape also promotes the distribution of Aboriginally produced film.
HYPERLINK \l "top"PRIVATE "TYPE=PICT;ALT=to top of page"HYPERLINK \l "top"
Part of the Masters of Cinema project, this site contains news, words and more on Bresson.
HYPERLINK ""Evans Chan
Website of the Hong Kong independent filmmaker.
HYPERLINK ""Directed by Brian De Palma
Glossy, full of stills, good overviews of (some of) De Palma's films, links to other DP sites. Has an interview with him on Femme Fatale.
HYPERLINK ""Carl Theodor Dreyer
There's a lot here. A must for anyone interested in Dreyer's films.
HYPERLINK ""Egofilmarts
This is the official site of Atom Egoyan. As well as providing information on Egoyan, the site is interactive (click and drag the 'spider') and contains a soundtrack. A great site.
Site of Canadian experimental filmmaker Ellie Epp. Has her theoretical writings plus info on her work.
HYPERLINK ""Harun Farocki
The official website devoted to German underground filmmaker, writer and teacher, Harun Farocki.
HYPERLINK ""Film Directors: Articles on the Internet
Great site that contains links to articles on the web on a number of directors. A valuable resource considering the difficulty in finding credible pieces on the web. The Renoir resource centre is now up. Regularly updated.
HYPERLINK ""Cinema=Jean-Luc Godard=Cinema
Provides numerous links to other Godard sites/articles.
HYPERLINK ";list"Great Directors Webring
Links to pages on Haynes, Zhang, Malick, Sturges, Ford, others.
HYPERLINK ""Hal Hartley, Trouble and Desire
A committed, thorough and loving site devoted to this contemporary American director.
HYPERLINK ""Alfred Hitchcock - The MacGuffin
Web version of the legendary newsletter/magazine devoted to Alfred Hitchcock.
A site devoted to Chris Marker's astonishing film.
HYPERLINK ""The Jim Jarmusch Resource Page
Has a great bibliography, many articles as hyperlinks.
HYPERLINK ""Hanif Kureishi
The official Kureishi website, essays and short stories published online.
HYPERLINK ""The Sergio Leone Home Page
New design, many articles, stills, links to other Leone sources.
HYPERLINK ""Makhmalbaf Film House
The website for this filmmaking dynasty. Contains profiles of its students, weekly news and information on Iranian films.
HYPERLINK ""Ken McMullen
Official website including recent news.
HYPERLINK ""Masters of Cinema
Regularly updated with news, articles and links on world filmmakers. The site is not a DVD distributor, but it has a worldwide DVD release calender and collaborates with Eureka Video.
HYPERLINK ""Melbourne independent filmmakers - a web resource
A site with numerous profiles of independent film directors in Melbourne, including James Clayden, the Cantrills, Giorgio Mangiamele, Philip Brophy.
HYPERLINK ""Web of Murnau
“Sunrise is the cinema itself” the author says in this impressive site on F.W. Murnau. Many great stills.
HYPERLINK ""Other Cinema
The website of filmmaker Craig Baldwin, his films and own exhibition project, Other Cinema.
HYPERLINK ""Yasujiro Ozu
Nice site that contains bio, films, resources and links on this wonderful filmmaker.
HYPERLINK ""The Pantheon
Glen Norton's site which links to pages on Bresson, Kiarostami, Haneke, others.
HYPERLINK ""Maurice Pialat
The first internet site dedicated to Maurice Pialat. With enough information to fill a book, it includes a comprehensive biography covering the years 1954 to 2003, filmography, film analyses and other articles, bibliography and constantly updated news. The site is predominantly in French but some texts are in English.
HYPERLINK ""The Questers Home Page
This site has to be seen to be believed. (Wait for the download, it's worth it.) Opens with a quote from Pascal (“we should seek the truth without hesitation”) and goes up from there: pages on Bresson, Pasolini, Paradjanov, Tarkovsky, Buñuel, Bergman, others.
HYPERLINK ""Jean Renoir
Sister site to Film Directors: Articles on the Internet Website; in addition to articles, this Renoir resource centre provides information on films, recent news, retrospectives and bibliographies.
HYPERLINK ""Order of the Exile: Jacques Rivette new link up
Website devoted to publishing articles about Jacques Rivette. Updated monthly.
HYPERLINK ""Eric Rohmer new link up
French Rohmer site.
HYPERLINK ""Françoise Romand new link up
Website of "fictional documentarist" Françoise Romand. Contains news, bio and links to sites dedicated to her two films Kitchen Eye and The Camera Eye.
HYPERLINK ""Kitano Takeshi . Com
Online resource on Kitano Takeshi by Danish film critic Henrik Sylow.
HYPERLINK ""Nostalghia (Andrei Tarkovsky)
Another wonderful site from the Masters of Cinema project dedicated to Tarkovsky.
HYPERLINK "" new link up
A Lars von Trier forum.
HYPERLINK ""Wim Wenders
An official site containing relevant information about Wenders. Also includes sections on “Art” and a “Forum” where visitors can post messages.
HYPERLINK ""Zipporah Films (Frederick Wiseman)
A website about documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman. Here you can find info on all his films and on how you can obtain them.
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Asian Cinema Pages
HYPERLINK ""A Chinese Cinema Page
Shelly Kraicer's site dedicated to films from Taiwan, Hong Kong and the People's Republic of China.
HYPERLINK ""Asian Film Connections
A site that seeks to create a deeper awareness of Asian films. Especially films from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and Korea. A must for all Asian cinema enthusiasts.
HYPERLINK ""Criticine new link up
Criticine is an online publication dedicated to pushing forth intelligent discourse on Southeast Asian cinema.
HYPERLINK ""Heroic Cinema: The Guide to Hong Kong Movies in Australia
A new look to a website dedicated to Asian film screenings in Melbourne and around Australia. Maintained by the ever-passionate Mark Morrison.
HYPERLINK ""Hong Kong Cinemagic updated
A great site dedicated to the Hong Kong film industry. Contains news, reviews and interviews. The site is a good introduction into HK cinema and Canto-pop-culture. Available in French and English. Updated regularly.
HYPERLINK ""Hong Kong Film Archive updated
If you want resource info on HK cinema, here's a good place to start. You can also find a complete Hong Kong filmography from 1913 to 2003.
HYPERLINK ""Kinema Club
This is a site devoted to the study of Japanese moving image media. Here you will find a huge database of resources and a discussion group. This is a dedicated site, a must for both the Japanese cinema enthusiast and scholar.
HYPERLINK ""Korean Film Commission (KOFIC)
This is the website of KOFIC. Dedicated to the promotion of Korean films worldwide, it also contains a Korean film database. Great for updates on Korean film.
HYPERLINK ""The Korean Film Page
A site designed to give the reader an overview of the films, issues, people and events that shape the film community in Korea. A must for anyone interested in Korean and/or Asian cinema.
HYPERLINK ""Midnight Eye
“The latest and best in Japanese cinema”, features interviews, reviews and a calendar of events of Japanese films past and present.
HYPERLINK \l "top"PRIVATE "TYPE=PICT;ALT=to top of page"HYPERLINK \l "top"
DVD/Video Distributors
HYPERLINK ""Classic Movies
Online store of videos and books of classic films.
HYPERLINK ""The Criterion Collection
The Criterion Collection is a New York-based DVD publishing company dedicated to producing high-quality digital editions of important classic and contemporary films. The website features a bi-monthly electronic mini-magazine called, In Focus, which is a forum for exploring major currents and forgotten backwaters in the history of film with topics ranging from individual filmmakers to national cinemas, specific techniques to unusual sub-genres.
A video and DVD distributor specialising in world cinema.
Paris-based DVD label specialising in European independent shorts, experimental, and video art.
HYPERLINK ""Milestone Films
A film and video distribution company specialising in classic and contemporary art-house films.
HYPERLINK ""Movie Mail
UK-based video and DVD mail order company dealing in cult/classic and world cinema.
HYPERLINK ""re:voir videos movies films
Here you can purchase experimental films from filmmakers such as Brakhage, Mekas, Deren etc.
HYPERLINK ""Siren Entertainment
Video distributors, here's their page of upcoming releases.
HYPERLINK ""Third World Newsreel
An alternative media arts organisation that supports the work and distribution of independent film and video by and about people of color. The media promoted by TWN aims to encourage people to think critically about their lives and the lives of others, and to propel people into action.
HYPERLINK ""Video Data Bank: Video Art and Video Artists
A resource and distribution service that provides videotapes by and about video artists committed to the development of video as an art.
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Film Festivals
HYPERLINK ""AFI Film Festival (Los Angeles)
HYPERLINK ""Amnesty International Filmfestival (Amsterdam)
HYPERLINK ""Archipelago International Festival of Short Films and New Images (Rome)
HYPERLINK ""Arizona International Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""Atlanta Film & Video Festival
HYPERLINK ""Bangkok International Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""Berlin International Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""Bogota International Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""Buenos Aires Festival of Independent Cinema
HYPERLINK ""Calgary International Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""Cannes Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""Chicago International Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""Chicago Palestine Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""Chicago Underground Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""CineVegas (Las Vegas)
HYPERLINK ""Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""Cork Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""Denver International Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""Edinburgh International Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""Gijón International Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""Hi-Lo Film Festival (San Francisco, then on tour)
HYPERLINK ""Helsinki International Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""Hong Kong International Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""Il Cinema Ritrovato
HYPERLINK ""International Experimental Cinema Exposition (Colorado)
HYPERLINK ""Oberhausen International Short Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""Istanbul International Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""Jeonju International Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""Leeds International Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""Locarno International Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""London Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""Madcat Women's Festival (San Francisco)
HYPERLINK ""Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""Montreal World Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""New Directors/New Films Festival (New York)
HYPERLINK ""New York Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""New York Underground Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""New Zealand International Film Festival
HYPERLINK ""Pan African Film & Arts Festival (Los Angeles)
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Website devoted to critical discussion of DV cinema. Features essays and interviews focussing on DV theory.
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A site dealing with the relationship between sound/music and film image. It reads, “Laura-- intersecting with histories of radio, voice on film, popular song, modernist and postmodernist storytelling, television and the internet-- exists in a liminal area between noise and non-noise, repetition and renewal, information and perception, human and machine. Yet across each innovation, as well as every timeless tic, there remains of predominance of the radiophonic.” Hmmm…interesting. Check it out.
Robert Lund's website devoted to Zoë.
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Badiaa Rayane, a Moroccan media icon.

Holding a Fassi name, Badiaa Rayane was known of her exquiste speaking at Moroccan television ever since it started at Mohammed Five theatre in 1960.Badiaa was a radio speaker first in 1952,then two years later ,she animated a woman program which she could ot finish because of her will to further studies at a Moroccan University.

Encouraged by her sister who was herself an animater in telvision in 1957,Badiaa was recruted to Moroccan national television .It was her first start at the national television which coincided with its birth in 1960.

During 35 years of experince in television , Badiaa never tired heself especially to speak out national tv program using her soft voice .Afterwards,our lady was suggested to play leading roles in cinema namely in Idriss El Mrini's movie " Babou ' and 'Ayna toukhabiouna achams" and " Rhadan lan tadabalaal ard".

Allal El Alaoui

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cinema d'auteur in Rabat goes tink tanks

Le Festival International du Film d’Auteur de Rabat se tiendra du samedi 21 au dimanche 29 juin 2008. Cette manifestation se veut un rendez-vous des cinématographies du monde, dans la capitale du Maroc. Elle a pour vocation d’amener aux publics marocains des films d’auteur qui n’ont quasiment pas d’autre occasion d’être projetés dans le pays. L’ambition du festival est aussi de favoriser la diffusion d’un cinéma exigeant, ouvert sur le monde et de nourrir le désir de cinéma des publics marocains.

Pour l’édition 2008, une programmation riche, éclectique, surprenante sera proposée aux publics.

Plusieurs temps forts :
L’ouverture du festival avec la projection de La Graine et le mulet d’Abdelatif Kechiche (césar du meilleur film 2007)
La Compétition Officielle
Rétrospective du cinéaste kazakh Darejan Omirbaev avec avant-première mondiale, la présentation de son dernier film Chouga
Panorama du Cinéma Indépendant Indien

Rencontre professionnelles : Exploitants Européens / Cinéastes du Sud : l’objectif de ces journées de rencontre est de favoriser l’émergence d’un réseau, efficace, pour un meilleur accès au marché européen. Encourager des relations directes entre des programmateurs de salles et les cinéastes.
Sélection Documentaire, dont notamment : L’avocat de la terreur de Barbet Schroeder, S21 de Rithy Pann, L’homme aux semelles d’or de Amiralaï. Des master-class sont organisées chaque jour autour de ces films.
Sélection de films jeune public en présence de Michel Ocelot qui présentera ses films : "Kirikou et la sorcière", "Azur et Asmar"
Un panorama des cinémas du monde avec notamment une séance exceptionnelle du film de Pascal Ferran, Lady Chaterley

Le jury sera présidé par le réalisateur Andrej Zulawski et composé des personnalités suivantes Christian Leroy - compositeur Vladimir Marin - producteur Haidar Haidar - ecrivain Ikram Kabbaj - peintre Salman Salour - réalisateur Barcelo Francisco - scénariste Yvan Le Moine - Réalisateur Yasmine Kassari - Réalisatrice Don smith - Réalisateur Peter Scarlet : Ancien directeur de la cinematheque française, directeur du festival de Tribecca (New-York)

from :

Friday, June 20, 2008

Mysterious agressions against journalists and technicians from SNRT

Mysteious agressions continues to happen against SNRT journalists and technicians especially now we have two agressive cases (see Houssaine Garcshane and Mohammed Essaraj Eddaou ) .Now that IFEX , the Canadian agency which protects journalists in the world, is investigating about this affair ,Local responsibles either in SNRT and police should make serious measures so as to stop these atrocities against artists,journalists and technicians .

El houssine has produced for his box of dreams SNRT, several film documntaries in which one of them is primed in Tunisia .
Now,El Houssaine GUARCHANE is editing Talghounja 's dailies at Snrt which is about a berber tribe singing and making some rituals to ask for rain which has been late to come to life.
This artistic work is a 26 m film documentary called Talghounja narrated by Sakina BOUAACHRINE with the co-ordination of Hamza EL ADAWI as a production designer .Luckily,Snrt has started to produce some intelligent film documentaries like this one and other ones like Al Madinate Al Oum focusing on seducing Moroccan viewers and the world .

Allal El Alaoui

Thursday, June 12, 2008

There is nothing sweet like freedom.

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal."

Martin Luther King said this saying to Americans but it can applly to any country in the world like my country Morocco.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Exams in television , a courageous act designed by SNRT to go higher professionally

Yesterday,the 11th of june, too many technicians,journalists ,speakers and directors were happy to see that SNRT had hung official results for the 2007 exams .It is obvious that it is the first time in history of RTM that was used once to belong to the Moroccan state ,but now it becomes SNRT, a semi-compagny belonging to the same state ;that TV technicians have all rights to go through exams so that to improve their grades and go higher in rank .
It is certain that this is a praiseful decision that SNRT bureaucrats have taken but let's not forget that this courageous act has come out of a very hard and painful struggle of Tv Technicians and journalists that started ever since tv was still at Mohammed 5 theatre in Rabat .

Allal El Alaoui

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Panorama of Moroccan short film from Tangiers ( The 5th edition )

The cinemattheque of Tangiers opened its doors in December 2006,in the newly
renovated Cinema Rif,located in the heart of Tangiers.This new cultural center houses two theatres, a film library and archive, a reading room, editing suites and a café .we invite audiences to discover the best of both classic and contemporary world film,with an emphasis on documentary and Moroccan ccinema.To complement the films and encourage the exchange ideas,we offer a full program of educational and children's screenings,a discussion series and filmmaking workshops .

As part of the 5th edition of the Mediterranean Short Film Festival of Tangiers,The cinémathèque will host the films from the official competition and Panorama of Moroccan Cinema program.every night at 8 pm during the festival,join filmmakers and film-industry professionals in the Cinémathèque café for discussions .

Dr Faust,a german legend ,in Rabat.

Faust (German for "fist") or Faustus (Latin for "auspicious" or "lucky") is the protagonist of a classic German legend in which he makes a pact with the Devil. The tale is the basis for many literary, artistic, cinematic and musical works, such as those by Christopher Marlowe, Goethe, Mikhail Bulgakov, Thomas Mann, Hector Berlioz, Franz Liszt, Washington Irving, and Charles Gounod.

The name "Faust" has come to stand for a charlatan alchemist (some claim "astrologer and necromancer") whose pride and vanity lead to his doom. Similarly, the adjective "Faustian" has come to denote acts or constellations involving human hubris which lead eventually to nemesis.
from Wikipedia

Friday, June 06, 2008

Hanane Ouassini 's new look to Moroccan events

Morocco is in festivals either folkloric ,cinematic or musical but in general Morocco is booming out culturally .Hanane Ouassini , on this occasion, has created her own firm called " STRATEVENTS" dealing with events,festivals ,shows in Morocco .

Mme Ouassini Hanane
Directrice générale
Nouveau GSM : Ouassini Hanane :
téléphone :
fax :
e-mail :

CCM or Al Jamaa Al Hadariya in Salé risk nothing to buy The Opera House for people ( Cinema l'opera ) owned by El Charkaoui brothers .

The Box office made by CCM in 2003 ,Morocco imported 378 Hindi films , the number of fans were 3 783602 and ticket revenues were 36101026. Although CCM confirms that these stastics are not fully complete , but in 2006 up to june we had 264 Hindi films and ticket revenues were 581800." This applies to Fairouz cinema which is nearly the only cinema that resists to buy copies of hindi films meanwhile U S A movies remain secondary and uninterested by Rabat cinemagoers and bollyphiles apart from those who prefer intelligent cinema .

Moroccan governement just marvel at cinema home theatres on their way to vanish for ever which is an act of indifference and irresponsability .Fairouz cinema still resists to mediocrity of bad moroccan directors in Morocco , it also resists to cabled televisions and i don't think it is the fault of piracy that causes the shut down of cinema theatres ,i think cinemagoers are still looking for cinema of good quality in cinemas . There are very spaceful and wonderful cinemas still to fit in our 21 first century like The Opera House owned by El Charkaoui brothers in Salé .The commune of Salé,( El Jamaa Al Hadariya) could have bought all rights from the family of El Charkaoui to may be save cinephilia of so many people in this millennium town called Salé which eventually will join Rabt to become a cosmopolitan city very soon .

Allal El Alaoui

Sunday, June 01, 2008

مديتني - آمي Madinati - Oummi , a film documentary directed by Allal El Alaoui, is in the desk of SNRT

Ce documentaire dépend artistiquement des faits réels raconté par une très jeune fille nommé Zahra et son père .Ce film est inspiré par le chef-d'œuvre de Friderico Felllini “ Roma “.

L’utilisation du montage chronologique et le développement des méthodes de reportage journalistique seront l’outil nécéssaire pour la réalisation de ce documentaire dans lequel on prétend à submerger les cinéphiles et télé-spectateurs dans une situation brûlante ou la vie se manifeste ferventement dans les domaines sociales ,économiques ,politiques et culturels de ces deux magnifiques villes appellé Rabat et Salé .

Finalement, les sujets filmés seront monographiquement traités et enrichés par des interviews d’intervenants professionnels,artistes, cinéphiles notament des gens simples qui se metamorphosent et vient douleuresement et joyeusement dans ces deux villes extra-ordinaires.

Produit par : Mohamed Kerrouchi.
Camera : Abderahman Abbar
Ecrit et réalisé par : Allal El Alaoui

Fes in pictures ( 12 centuries of existence )

One hundred years of cinema in Japan seen by Nagisa Oshima

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