Saturday, May 10, 2008

The new vision of El Alami Khalouki to national tv productions


This article is written by Allal El Alaoui.

After a hard -talk meeting with tv directors ,assistants and scripts, everybody is convinced that El Alami Khalouki is ready and in the position to work as hard as he could along with technicians and artists for a better situation than the one tv people are involved in now .

Therefore, according to his vision ; El Alami must first be well informed about the problems that national tv productions is having .Second a continuous dialog bteween him and technicians should be scheduled every at least two months .El Alami in stead, is not yet taking quick measures and decisions until he knows all the short - comings of his direction which seems fairly enough ,a nice sign and an objective willing to move altogether towards professionalism and good quality in tv programmes .

On this occasion, a board of commission of five technicians is shaped spontaneously in order to edit a draft for El Alami so as to inform him about the main technical problems that national tv productions is having forexample luck of Regie -cars , Fly-cases , heavy machinary, lighting crews ,lighting cars, recent wild -angles and special equipments for drama telefilms and continunous training in drama models etc .These tools should suggestibly belong to tv production directions so that there will not be any inter egoistic conflits between tv directions .

The five members of that draft Commissioners are as follows :

- Allal El Alaoui
- Abdelkamel Essabbari
- Abdelrrazzak El Hrache
- Mohammed Boufrahi
- Mohammed Mitter.