Friday, April 04, 2008

Ahmed Taib Lalej meets the crew of Al Madinate Al Oum.

Ahmed Taib Lalej is a Moroccan artist whose fame goes to theatre and poetic writings named "Azzajal".He has played in many Moroccan plays in which he was the writer, the foil and the hero.Taib Lelaj has been very convincing in "Malaam Azouz" which is a remake of Molière play " Tartuff'.

Si Ahmed Taib is a fassi guy who just loves to work in Rabat Salé and from his context the crew of Al Madinate Al Oum Has met the man at his home where he refers to that very old song That he has written about 44 years ago called Ana Slaoui, Ana Rbati sung by Mohammed Idrissi and music is written by Abdessalem Amer (Peace upon them ).

Allal El Alaoui