Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hard talks between the two media unions in SNRT

In the forteenth century when Shakepseare lived , he forsaw the misdeeds of the political tactics and failed compromises between defenders of the masss and the main authorities .Shakespeare then made history in the intellect of humain conditions when he stated " Too much to do about nothing " .

This saying matches perfectly our Union dealers, sorry Union defenders who in stead of standing like one man to protect simple employees in SNRT, they fight continuously between each other just like women of Macbeth . May be any historian nowadyas would describe this fight as the Fight between Hamas and Fateh in Palestine . Therefore, employees do not worry about this fact because they are aware of these childish acts which is purely unethical and disgusting ,and that there are too much to do about nothing apart from waiting for someone intelligent to see to these employees asking simply to work with dignity .
Allal El Alaoui