Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Ball has thrown Mohammed Karim to retiring

Something is happening at SNRT . Yes.Indeed.Good technicians are leaving the box .Well ,surely they have become old and very old to go on working , but remain eager to give their best to their beloved box of magic called Dar El Brihi .May be a change is coming and we can see some responsibles remaining unconfortable about this news .Honestly speaking , there are too many responsibles who enjoy to be ghosts at SNRT .They have not given anything to Dar El Brihi apart from their patented compagnies that SNRT has enriched voluntarily (see The production Side).

Any way , Mohammed Karim talks about his departure and no doubt Mohammed has left some brilliant media traces especially if we talk about his football matches alive in Morocco .Mohammed Karim has served elegantly Moroccan television ever since it was diffusing its programes from Mohammed Theatre praboles .Having a very goog technical background, no doubt Karim wants to continue to give to TV especially he knows now that the king of Morocco ,Mohammed the Sixth is browsing in the Internet to know more about media figures just like him .
Allal El Alaoui